Unboxing, Review, & Setup – Asus USB-AC68 WiFi Adapter

Today I will be unboxing, reviewing, and installing the Asus AC1900 USB-AC68 wireless adapter, which is the newest USB wireless adapter from Asus (as of this video’s release).

Drivers: https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/USB-AC68/HelpDesk_Download/

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swag ger says:

hmm is it worth getting an AC adapter? my laptop can handle 5ghz N
max speed im getting with wifi is 220mb. wondering if an AC adapter would improve the speed.

Night Stringers says:

not rated real high on amazon

Loser Mawen says:

Does it support miracast?

Daniel Banu says:

can you please do a test for me. can you create a hotspot (access point) and run a few speed test with your phone?
a simple file transfer between phone and computer should do the trick. ES Explorer shows the speed while transfering files.
also a simple connection information on the android will show the speed that the phone connected to the wireless addapter.

Matthew Brubaker says:

Good video. Very descriptive. Liked how you showed installation, because some people will not know how. Glad you’re liking your speeds.

alpha yun says:

will this work in linux?

Brad Lewis says:

what about the stability over a longer stress test ? will it crash ?

Cheetah says:

So currently I have the driver from the cd installed on my pc, is it a problem now if I install the new driver while having the old one?

Aamir Irshad says:

is this adapter good for online gaming ?

RubenF says:

Would I be able to get 500 mbps, in my room I get 300 mbps on my phone

TwoFistsOneHalleluja says:

When in intense use (gaming, local video streaming…) I randomly loose the connection and have to manually renew the connection. Sometimes the device even shuts off completely and I have to reboot my pc.
I don’t think that’s an issue with the wifi at my place since the wifi works fine on my laptop which has an integrated wifi card.
I have the issues on all my usb3 ports. I suspect a heat issue (the device gets really hot).
Does someone have similar issues?

When it’s working it’s pretty good but these random connection losses really ruin the experience so far.

Piotr Najder says:

What is you speed by wire?

Brooklyn Bullies says:

Does it work with android

Do Not Pirate says:

is it mini or full size usb. I did not see Cause you slipped that part

Frozt says:

On Asus website it says that the Wireless Adapter works for Windows and Mac. So… do you know if it works for Ubuntu Devices? ;D

Amithkumar BG says:

Poor review

Ranjeet Chouhan says:

reply ???

ROY says:

question can i use this to connect my samsung galaxy s6 on my pc? i have shit connection so i use the 4g of my phone.

OpTic says:

If i dont have a wirless network card in my pc will this still work?

Sumana Soh says:

Is the performance and range good? I done some checking and see that this is the fastest usb wifi adapter speed currently which is ac1900.

Ranjeet Chouhan says:

coved to range 2km ??????

ricky rickylee says:

I keep getting blue screen of death while collecting this USB adapter. What’s the problem?

The Red Tree says:


Resourceful Thought says:

I bought this device the software is crap no ware hear as good as the previous models software
not the best for windows 10 compared to seeing it run in windows 7 ware it shows the list of 5 ghz and 2.4 ghz

Derb Merb #1 says:

I’m a nuuub someone help me out… i have good internet but my room is so far away from my router and I can’t move the router closer I’m constantly on 2 or 3 bar. Will this help my situation or not do shit?

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