Top 5 USB Wi-Fi Adapter for Hacking || Monitor mode Enabled

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TP-Link WN722N V2 Doesn’t supports monitor mode, TP-Link sucks as they have changed old chipset of TP-Link WN722N to new cheap chipset in V2 just to earn a lot of money.
So here i have another recommendation instead of TP-Link WN722N
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Indian Links to buy Monitor mode enabled USB Wi-Fi adapters:
#5 – Panda PAU06:
#4 – LEGUANG LG-N100:
#3 – Alfa AWUS036NH:
#2 – Panda PAU09 N100 Dual Band:
#1 – Comfast CF-WU770N:

US Links to buy Monitor mode enabled USB Wi-Fi adapters.
#5 – Panda PAU06 USB Wi-Fi Adapter:
#4 – LEGUANG LG-N100:
#3 – Alfa AWUS036NH:
#2 – Panda PAU09 N100 Dual Band:
#1 – Comfast CF-WU770N:

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Naveen chowdary says:

great video bro…very useful …i want to know one thing
which one is best and preferable…
1)Panda Wireless PAU06 300Mbps N USB Adapter

2)Panda 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Adapter w/ WPS button – 802.11 n 2.4GHz

mental programmer says:

Hey are u sure about comfast cf-wu770n on banggood because the same product on Amazon is available in 2300 rupees….why banggood selling it so cheap… their any chances of fraud..

Yusuf Domun says:

Does the alfa ac1900 wifi adapter supports the monitor mode ?? .>.> Please reply me as faster as you can ! THNX FOR the video <

Akshay chavan says:

hie there is another wifi adapter that support monitor mode and packet injection “Alfa AWUS036NHA” this is based on Atheros AR9271 chip set so can i buy this?????

mohana sundaram says:

Hi bro,

I have installed kali linux on my laptop but I don’t have Ethernet connection. But I have only wifi connection. So could you help that how to hack wifi password. This is id

Swastik Sarkar says:

hi, can you tell me that if I include teh words like “hacking” or something like that and monetize my video Youtube gives me a message that “Limited or no ads due to content identified as not suitable for all advertisers.
Your video remains fully playable and is eligible to earn subscription revenue from YouTube Red”.
What might be the solution to this? I am your great fan. Hope you suggest me some solution.

samtaz7000 says:

Hallo do a Comcast video

softeip says:

Hi there!
Which of these is compatible with wps injection?
Sorry if you’ve said this info in the video, but it’s hard to understand your English for me.

kn knkn says:

bro plz help I want to hack android from Kali
which needs port forwarding
also my laptop USB port is not working so which is best to all these
can we wireless connect to lap
and can we insert jio sim in it??

KJV1611 says:

it’s pronounced WI-FI (Y-FI) not VI-FI!!!!!1

Swag M8 says:

Do these support packet injections?

Khan Noor says:

chutiya mat banao yaar kyu banate ho chutiya

amit rai says:

please also say something about tp link wn823n .

helptheinnocent andhelpless says:

tplink tlwn 722n v1 cannot be found anymore ……..and v2 will not work properly in kali ………………..but how about v1.1 ??will it work properly in kali??????anyone have any idea?

Apache Sakai says:

the best so far i use is ALFA AWUS036ACH BECAUSE? It have long range and detect a lot of signal, no point if it can do monitor mode but detect very less signal

Anuj diwakar says:

please suggest me a wifi driver which supports fluxion tool and wifiphisher tool and tell mee what is monitor mode? , ap mode? , dual band,

Swastik Sarkar says:

You have listed some Infian links but actually they are not. Except the links of Panda USB adapter the rest are Chinese Links. How can we get the rest of adapters in India. I am interested to buy comfast usb adapter. Is there a way I can get it.

samtaz7000 says:

Can you do a video using the Comcast so we can see what it can do please??????

patel gaurang says:

Hi Parvinder,
I just wanted to ask you if i will buy some thing from than should i need to pay any custom duty and if yes than how much.
pls. reply soon brother.

Giovanny Santillan says:

Tipi link and tipi link…

Angle Priya says:

Can we use these in Android also.
I Means in nethunter

suhail ANSARI says:

Very expensive

Anant Prasad Barik says:

tp-link-wn822n does it support monitor mode

PNPtutorials says:

Buy this book from the link given below to get 20% discount by adding a coupon code *PNPTutorials* and become a pro of Wireless Penetration testing

Rahul Jain says:

or plz tell cheap easily available adapter easily available in india..or comfast adapter on indian shooping sites

Rahul TechnoTrix says:

sir mene comfast cf wu 770n buy kiya but yae wifi network scan nahe kare pa raha hae please help me
or share your contact

Kali Linux says:

Does Comcast CF- WU770N support raspberry pi 3 and Kali Linux nexmon os

Jasr al shahama says:

hack any wifi pasword easily

jeffrey batobalani says:

that Comfast CF-WU770N in banggod seems have Ralink RT3070L which can’t used in monitor mode.

dante casalla says:

Thanks a lot, i going after the Comfast.
what about the Alfa AWUS036ach?

Himanshu Verma says:

bro plzz tell me that if comfast cf wu770n supports packet injection on kali linux

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