REVIEW Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter – Speed and Signal Test

My experience and review of the Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter. It did provide greater signal strength and compared to your standard wireless card, this did provide further coverage.

It did however struggle load webpages even when sitting outside my front door with the wireless router in my basement. My router is: ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router so even with a good router like that, it didn’t work as well as I wanted.

I’m still very satisfied in this usb wifi adapter and would recommend this especially for only $20.


Carter Brock says:

Could this provide Internet to a Xbox 360?

Master Veggie says:

From what it seems, do you just plug-n-browse or is there more to be done? I got a computer that has no built-in wireless card, so I got one of these things to get wifi. Do I need an Ethernet cable or no?

steve lopez says:

do you know how to get the password when logging into the adapter,user is admin but dont know the password?Thanks

João Pedro says:

show windows connection 300mbps “status wireless”

Isabel Alentejano says:

so is this a Wi-Fi extender/booster or is it a Wi-Fi port that gives you the ability to connect to the internet.. I’m thinking of buying one but I’m not sure

salman taj says:

Can i use it in xbox360

Sil0xRP says:

mec jcomprend rien tu peux pas parler français srx langue n°1 dans le monde srx –” vraiment con +1 abo

Drew Welch says:

those tabs!

Android Basics says:

Does it extend wifi catching range??

westcoast legends says:

So does it work on any device with a USB port and internet or just laptops(computets) ?

RomanticPopPunk says:

Does it work 300 meters away from the router like they claim?

Sector Strub says:

I got a question and I need help I have a desktop and to connect to the Internet I have to have a ethernet connection could I get this and be wireless?

Zee Shani says:

How to download driver for this adapter on laptop please tell me.
i have 150mbps wireless adapter
Model : VLD-150a

Daniel Kevin Fernandez says:

does this support monitor mode?

cameron holt says:

It’s megabits per second. Not megabytes. USB wireless adapters (USB Wiffi dongles) are for laptops without an “integrated” wireless card. If you buy one of these you will not get much of a difference. Log on to your router and turn up the power or place your router in a “proper” area of your home or you can also get an “powerline” (the little box thingy with the antennas on it that plugs into the wall) it acts as a repeater

juan321654 says:

wait, i thought it was to give signal to like a cellphone. or is it to just give better signal strength to where its connected. i bought one, and cant install, but was hoping to give wifi to my cellphone, i live in a basement so the signal isnt so strong and the router is in the 3rd floor.

Video AreUs says:

This is a bad review. Upgrade your bandwith then only review. This
misguide people and only showed 30mbps and not 300mbps. Why your title
wrote 300mbps? wasting people time!

Plasma Doku says:

Does the USB work with Windows 10?

iamemily says:

if i plug it into a new pc will it automatically detect it or do i have to install the drivers using ethernet

Noobkiller Pro says:

I got a rnx n300ub good?

C-3PO from Star Track says:

thx dude

Nihanth Attaluri says:

I have a terrible windows xp PC so hopefully this will work.

Denise Ortiz says:

does it works in windows 7?

John Thomas says:

Mbps is megabits per second not megabytes. A byte is 8 bits, so divide 300/8 for the amount of megabytes per second 300Mbps is

NEW CHANNEL:BioticBuilds YT says:

Do you need a wireless pic adapter in a PC to use your wireless usb adapter or can you go with just a use adapter and still connect to the Internet wirelessly

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