Review: ANEWKODI 300M 802.11N 2.4 GHz USB Adapter

Review and speed test ANEWKODI Wireless-N USB adapter.


Amy Tran says:

Hi im confused. So from my understanding you plug it in and it connects to your wifi and doesn’t disconnect? If im wrong can someone explain to me in simple terms

aleon1018 says:

Idk why the instructions didn’t work using the network key. Was I supposed to use the pin they provided on the disk folder? I didn’t even try, because I always use the network key. But it didn’t work. So, I pressed the button on the router. Without realizing it, I cloned my other wifi adapter. Now it comes up as that adapter. But the device manager also shows it as 802.11 ac which is supposedly 3x faster than n. But my speed test was slightly slower.

Juz Sharing says:

5ghz better or 2.4 300better on 100mbps

terry rowles says:

doing speedtest is irrelevant as all the speed tester is doing is measuring the speed between your ISP’s equipment and your modem/router, not between your PC and modem/router via wireless dongle,thats what matters transfer speed between PC and router, and if dongle is 802.11g its max is 54Mbs (if your lucky) best way to test it is download a file of known size from the internet and see how long it takes then do the same using an ethernet cable to router, not have a poke at anybody but this is what I have found setting up my hardware over a 20 year period,hope it helps

SavedByGods UnmeritedFavor says:

problem is, where can I find the drivers online? I can’t find them and I don’t usually have this problem. I have a apple book (laptop) and these mini-discs do not work and get stuck in my drive. one should be able to easily find online drivers for a product like this…

Wolfy Videos says:

I found it in the shop today, there were two different once, the same brand, but there was a small one and a big one, I got the big one.

Brixorb says:

when i built a new pc can i use this to get wlan?

Andy Lee says:

where can i purchase this unit?

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