OURLiNK 1200Mbps USB 3.0 Wifi Adaptor – Review

In this video I compare two wireless adaptors to see what the speed difference is between 802.11n and 802.11ac. Hope you enjoy!


Mark W says:

Wow, what a difference in speed ! So the lack of an external antenna on the new adapter apparently doesn’t matter. My older-ish laptop doesn’t get a very good wifi signal from the internal adapter so I thought about buying an external usb dongle with an antenna, but according to your speed test an antenna isn’t important ?

bardos says:

Does this dongle support access point mode?

Martin Zeballos Ayerza says:

I did the same test. I have a Windows 10 Dell Notebook. Similar results, the device works fine. Thanks!

TJ Wolf says:

Awesome Len. I hope that works out OK for you. Looked great

Steve W says:

They just finished running fiber out here in my part of rural southern Il, I’m getting 250 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up.

learningbird says:

Another nice experiment. And drivers for Debian / Ubuntu, Red Hat, Puppy?

Ravi Teja Y says:

Hi ! how can i Install drivers for this device ?

Mahadi hasan says:

Hey Lenny i have another Question , is ElementeryOS totally free to install and use ? ?

8Bit0carina says:

Nice video Lenny! liked

Stevo Pusser says:

There have been a lot of complaints on Ubuntu and Debian forums about Realtek devices, including this chipset, no longer working with the 4.9 kernel. Apparently another driver in the kernel has had the USB ID for the devices added to it, and either it doesn’t work or the two drivers are clashing. The workaround is to force the loading of the out-of-tree driver module…so I’m wondering if you have tried it with a 4.9 kernel to see if you have the same issue.

Steve W says:

I don’t believe you wasted your money. 🙂

Ala kernel says:

can you please tell what distro u r using in this video and what desktop enactment … how did you get that simple theme and neat left side panel . please .

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