NETGEAR AC 1200 802.11 AC USB WiFi Adapter Unboxing and Review! EP3

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NETGEAR AC 1200 802.11 AC USB WiFi Adapter Unboxing and Review!

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My PC Specs
Intel Core i3 4360 3.7 GHz
16GB Ram 2400 Mhz
600W PSU 80 plus by EVGA
Asus GTX 960 Strix 2GB
MSI Gaming 5 Motherboard
1TB x2 SSD Crucial M550 In raid 0
1 GB PS Internet connection with a cat 6 Cable Connector.

My Gaming Equipment,
Gaming Mouse Corsair M65 RGB Backlit
RazerBlade Gaming Keyboard, The Death Stalker
Sades A60 Headset 7.1 Surround Sound
Asus Gaming Monitor 1600×900 100hz
Snow Ball Blue, Mic


John Dossey says:

Throwing that CD with the drivers for that adapters was like “throwing out the wheels” to use your analogy. That adapter wont even give you much gain on Wireles N anyway. It is better used with the newer AC wireless routers.

Adrian SH says:

I only have a ethernet connection for internet connection. Can i use this to get internet?

PatHD says:

Im planning on buying one of these to game on and upload videos my wifi adapter is kinda shit and shuts off every five minutes do u recommend this, and does this shut off every 5 minutes? haha, also I’m kinda dumb in this tech stuff but do you need a netgear router cause i have xfininity(comcast), I also have a desktop so will it work good for my desktop?

Baby Nyanners says:

My desktop doesn’t come with wifi. Will this work?

rackreman says:

Why can’t I stream or even play rocket league with the this thing. My wifi has been getting worse every day I swear

Gavin Alward says:

Is that dock also USB3.0? I’d rather not have the antenna sticking that far out the back of my desktop.

Thomas Lanham says:

It would be very helpful if you didn’t talk as fast as an auctioneer

thedhbusiness says:

I’ve had one of these for about 2 years now, and it recently (~2-3 months now) has been presenting 2 consistent problems: First, it periodically just randomly drops connection from my network, because the device stops being recognized. I have tried every solution on earth to fix this, nothing works EXCEPT restarting the computer – unacceptable when gaming, in particular. The 2nd problem, whenever I start a download of any file larger than about 100MB (ANY game), the adapter just simply crashes as previously described, only reconnecting upon a restart.

Netgear’s customer support is a fucking joke, half of their representatives don’t speak english, you’ll have to repeat yourself about 5 times to convey your problem, and they will lead you through troubleshooting you’ve already done only to say they don’t have a solution for you – and you have to PAY for this “customer service” after like 90 days or something.

I’m done with Netgear products, this is the 2nd networking product of theirs I’ve had issues with, and critical issues at that. Moving on to something else. I do NOT recommend this product.

mrehzthegreat says:

Will this add wifi capability to my desktop?

WetWilly says:

k thank you for the support! merry Christianity!

I Have Friends says:

I’m planning on buying this and wondered if I have to use the stand/plug in for the adapter to get it to work.

katiesokool Roblox Girl says:

And i have 2016 loptop which is lenovo

WetWilly says:

one last question. will it work with my net gear nighthawk router?

Legendary504 says:

i range in wifi on console phone and on my mac from 80-90mbps but on my pc with a wireless usb adapter for wifi cant even get over 10 is it my wireless adapter

katiesokool Roblox Girl says:

I have netgear

Prosixnv Tfm says:

Bro I bought that adapter.. and when im finishing installing it asks me to plug in the usb adapter to my laptop, so i did, but it keeps saying adapter not found. ive tried many different ways to make it work but it still says adapter not found.. pls help

Anubhab Biswas says:

can it be used with tv?

Blast says:

So you don’t need the cd? Cause i don’t have a reader for dvd

Hanzo says:

Does It Work For Xbox One?

WetWilly says:

do you have any cheaper options by netgear that will be good for gaming?

Moana says:

Hi, does this device work with window 10, lots of review about this device mentioned about being problem with Window 10. Thanks

Jesse Mcfly says:

do you need your own internet for this to work?

Tech Genie says:

Nice, casually throws instructions across the room haha always best bet 😛

WetWilly says:

can it work with desktop

KC says:

0:52 that keyboard is just dope man.. awsum

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage says:

Kicking ass and taking names!

Anthony Poncia says:

I have had two of these and both failed within three months.  Not sure why but I am running hardline now.

Brendon Yates says:

Cool video man. It’s nice seeing new youtubers that’ll make it big

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