Mini 150Mbps 802.11N/G/B USB 2.0 WiFi Driver CD and review

Next part: Buy: Bundled Driver CD: MAY HAVE VIRUS! Mini 150Mbps 802.11N/G/B USB 2.0 WiFi Wireless Network LAN Card Adapter (Ralink) review and test.


den dougherty says:

can i use  Mini USB WiFi Wireless LAN Adapter with Antenna for my ps4

PositivePhoenix says:

эй сука поруски говори нах

mad gamers says:

best usb

Taufiq Wildani says:

what is the password

hafiz gavandi says:

support monitor mode

فهل يجوز says:

hoaoi goalkeeping

Agusnanto Soedarmanto says:

yhanks you, it’s work

TheGunReject says:

Do you just plug it in then it attracts internet from other adapters near you or is there a catch

ramil mosende says:

will it work on windows 10?

MyName'sZultex says:

I can’t use this on my win8 PC as it worked once then stopped. great

Noel Marzan says:

I heard it really worked on deez nutz……

Richard Lakotich says:

I downloaded this driver package and used 7-Zip to extract it to my C: drive where all my other network drivers are stored (Windows 7) still I’m getting the error that Windows was unable to install my 802.11 n WLAN. Any idea what the problem might be?

I+Science says:

Thank you for share this drivers!

Michael Clayton says:

Well,it was worth a laugh whatever that’s worth?

tgle tgle says:

dude! you are hilarious.

s7w2a says:


Luis Colon says:

In other words, it sucks…

Air Minum says:

you have driver fo OS X ?

cappa310 says:

Does it work on Linux ?

Alma H :3 says:

I have it and it works fine, but every now and then it just desconnects from the wifi, and if I take it out and put it in again it just works fine. It’s a real pain, what could be happening?

Valter Carvalho says:


SUPRA says:

Well the rattle is your fault

random account says:

Do i need to have internet connection in installing this? The manual says press the mode button but mine doesn’t have :/

johnny galindo escobar says:

Hi. muchas gracias por el aporte, estaba en un SOS con este dispositivo…

magole10 says:

Thank you, it was very useful.

Pablo Ramírez says:

How can I make it work in mac? It driver doesnt work.

BG Dog says:


Nikesh says:

are all Russians this annoying?

Renwo says:

изя вата фак??

Валерий Котов says:

Пользуюсь адаптером с недавних пор, доволен. Жму кнопку “обзор сетей”, нахожу несколько штук, в том числе и свою. Напротив каждой сети строка “данных”. Мне понятно только последнее – сила сигнала в %. А можете пояснить что означают цифры, буквы b, g, n? А также у некоторых сетей символы ключа, а у других – встречные полукруглые стрелки? Больше всего интересуют цифры и встречные стрелки.

Realy Games says:

иззя ты далбоеб ?

Lorenzo Manna says:

can i use it to boost WiFi signal of my android phone with a usb-microUSB adapter?

Mad Scientist says:

I use win 10 on a laptop and I have this antenna, but I lost the software cd, and now I cant use it.

I downloaded this drive but it does not work on my laptop, does anyone has a better driver file?

Shmooptifloop says:

Does this support Xbox 360?

ville Taneli says:

camera holder can be useful ;D

Xerxes says:

How dose it work on Linux?

dddrumz Studios says:

Thanks for the driver

gene mayne says:

well give it to baby will not stop crying lol good video

Gustavo Guillen says:

gracias hermano pro ningun lado encontre este driver gracias a ti lo logre

Jekson Malevich says:

password easylife

فهل يجوز says:


Mohammad Jaber says:

You fuckong saved my life and also no virus on file!

Kashif Mushtaq says:

bakwas hai

Stherya Priyahita says:

Sorry dude but…. DO NOT DOWNLOAD the driver, the link is full of malware that bring me to a random chinese application. I need to reinstall my windows now. Sorry for my bad english, i just trying to save you guys

LedoCool1 says:

Изя, тебя на англейском забавнее слушать, чем на русском. XD

BartPool freedom says:

сука ты пидор это факт

Ciapaty HD says:


Maxim Polyakov says:

Я ахуел однако, как ты хорошо говоришь по англ xD

Jihad Mutin says:

The installation disc that the morons gave me is for TP.Link adapter.. luckily i found this vdeo, thank you for sharing man !!

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