Is Wireless Networking FINALLY as Fast as Wired?? 802.11ad

Can wireless AD deliver a wired-like experience that even the most hardcore gamer will appreciate?

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ANDROIDGAMER 1861rebel says:


James E. says:

It’s called outernet

edward lowe says:

Wired network rulezzzz. For gaming Wirles Signal suck.

Igor BC says:

Yes, yes it would! 🙂 2:08

NebTheDev YT says:

What if I said that router has more CPU Cores than my pc..

Minecraft And More says:


Matthew Birmingham says:

For the cost of one Netcrap or TotalCrapLinkRouter, I can buy (4) decent Ubiquiti Unifi PoE access points, have a much better signal level, and have pretty much the same throughput – not to mention a secure solution

Xtenchen says:

my dual band high gain wifi adapter started melting , a just started smelling a buring plastic smell and i felt it and it was burning hot

Magus555 says:

Giggity indeed.

edward lowe says:

Also note apple airport extreme is the best. Go faster then other network brand. I get 1gb out of it

CostelliGraphics says:

watching in 4K with Ethernet Cable. seems like a desire 😀

Stefano says:

I cant believe Linus tech tips has only has 6.2 mill subscribers.. Subscribe peeps, this guy is really good! Keep up the good videos.

Finlay Mitchell says:

As fast as gigabit Ethernet or 10 gigabit Ethernet?

ToriaTo says:


Alan Wang #36 says:

You can easily fix this minor issue by boosting the antenna output by 1 billion times.

Will Freitas says:

Apparently the bluetooth signal of my launch PS4 is 60 ghz

Charles Pack says:

As a person that has been installing this stuff since token ring and vampire taps I can tell you that a hard line is still the way to go for anything stationary, wireless will never match the speed of a good old copper or optical line

marawan BG says:

AD in Bulgarian means hell…PERFECT

SqueezY- tube says:

Man so no need to buy an asus ac-88 for 100 bugs?

Tamas H Varga says:

iPerv? TF ?!?!

shawn chartrand says:

shave butter !!!!! . so wrong ewwwwww butter , wrong word so gross,

Ethan Bitar says:

Nice face Linus @ 7:40

Sergeant Nathan says:

The answer, as always, is no. If you are going to drop that much on the access point and client, guess what you can also invest in for that money? Multi-gigabit. Or heck, 10 gigabit. If you can run cable, run cable. For everything else, there’s Masterc… I mean, wireless.

Metallus Müller says:

2:48 i love python

Willaces Will says:

A year after you post this video, RIP AD, AX is in the house now. Please test it as soon as you got one, Linus

Xo3 says:

Or just buy youtube red and live ad free.

The Polymath says:

Like… because you started with Giggidy!

RLS0812 says:

I’ll stick to CAT6A thank you very much.

Max G4 says:

2:45 Why are theese Router CPUs better than the one in my Laptop?

WB bLueYe says:

60Ghz Wifi??? GG YOu become free cancer!!!

Grrizz says:

I watched a ad, it was terrible, would not do again…

jsadamcik says:

Yay! Killing more of the spectrum we sound people use for wireless….time to buy new mics…AGAIN

KrakenStinks says:

it could be as fast as ethernet but its still unstable

Dakila Lozano says:

I’m a graduating student of IT but i don’t think i have the skills needed for networking which i think is the common job for it guy for most offices. Well i guess i will just try my luck and look for programming jobs which is rarely needed here in my city. ahahaha

Clid says:

How about we have long-range 1 GHz?

ttalgi says:

Please explain this on tech quickie

Gergely Poppe says:

So you are telling me, that buying $100+ Asus APs could prevent the need for me to buy $100+ APs!? What a deal!!!

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