Is it S***? USB Wifi Tested

Recently the channel hosted a quick overview of the Biostar X370 mini-ITX motherboard supporting AMD Ryzen processors. Some of you may have noticed the lack of a wifi solution on that motherboard which got me thinking; how well do wifi usb dongles work? Results inside.

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Studio Nets says:

Thanks for you nice video on usb adapter ?

Eric Jackson says:

Hoosier, lmao.

Farshad Abdoly says:

wifi antena in b450 msi carbon enough and acceptable latency have for gaming ?

Jerry Cerrit says:

What is that haircut my nigga

pedrotdb says:

good work

Tejas Badani says:

My PC uses a pcie card and the connection is horrible to the access point which is like 25 feet away. I use my mobile data to game since it picks up the signal easily from a closer distance

Maikel Moltmaker says:

Using a wifi dongle right now. Has worked for about 8 years now. No speed bottleneck because I have about 5 Mbps download… I’m about 6 meters away from the router so it isn’t that far…

ItzAdil says:

Question a dongle uses the Wi-Fi from your house and makes it stronger?? Or does it have it’s own Wi-Fi??

atc gaming says:

This guy looks like zack in goosebumbps

Dean LastName says:

buys a cheap dongle with slow transfer and low gain antenna and compares it with wired lol this is dumb. Atleast get the netgear nighthawk A7000 dongle…

Perry Pelican says:

Your tests should consider what is inside of the walls. Wifi does not penetrate many newly contructed walls or floors when there are metal studs and cement. This issue is prevalent in places where cold winters require foundations and better insulation. In my 2 level condo, wifi from my router does not go through any walls or floors. Only line of sight connections work. I opted for using the coaxial wiring in my walls and hot spots. I love hot spots.. Using the coaxial also allows wired connections which are as fast as possible. I dont get why peopke use wifi even uf they can connect by a direct wire when the device is never moved. Its all about using new technoligy for the sake of it. “I prefer wifi. Its the latest way to connect devices”. Arent people silly? Arent people controlled by marketting campaigns that make them buy things despite not needing them and despite it being inferior to the old way. I called my provider to ask how i could connect my second floor router to my first floor computer wired. They said i can only do it with wifi, which was totally not true. The tvs are connected wired so why not the internet and the network. I did it easily using their equipment. So why did they insist it was nit possible? Its because they are pushing us to go wifi all the way. Its way easier for them to service and support. Wired is a pain. You need wires.

jackelofnar says:

Gigabytes version has built in WiFi

XaZa says:

I cant use an ethernet because the people i live with think it will break it 🙁

William Murdock says:

Netgear A6200 811A C Dual band that I have works well enough, price various so get the cheapest.


I want to punch you in the face

HerrenGamingNews says:

SUB WiFi is horrible when I was downloading games 20 gb would take me a day at 1.5 mb/sec at best.
now a game with 38gb with my pcie card takes 3 hours at 3mb/sec

McRom37 says:

then why buy Biostar Duh

Jean Pierre says:

My router is in the Living room while my PC is in my bedroom, so Ethernet is literally not an option unless people want to trip over a giant Extender.

Gainz says:

HOOSIER what camera/lens and microphone are you using in this video? Just curious

Crotch Knocker X says:

thanks. very informative

Marcel Halat says:

can you connect from wifi repeater ?

Cornholio says:

Is a long ethernet cable (100-150ft) make internet significantly slower? Or even slightly?

seeratlas d' Tyria says:

good video, have used so many usb wifi’s have forgotten what all I have. one that really rocks under win and apple op systems is the Amped wireless ua600 series. it is in fact amped, very hard to get the amp part working in Linux, but some have done it, but under windows, it will really reach out there. In my current situation, on a ranch, it pulls the access point in from over 100-130 yards w/o problems.

Mark Davenport Jr says:

yep used a usb wifi adapter before and it SUCKED! Getting asus’s pcie wifi 1900 card.

THE G. says:

My old laptop wifi speed is horrible, LAN i can get over 150mbps while wifi gives me ~40mbps, I hope usb wifi to double the speed or triple it 😉

Jordan Gogov says:

Good test but i think there is something with the accuracy in it maybe cuz i didn’t hear you saing that your router support 5ghz wifi. My router support 802.11ac (5ghz) and my PC speeds are (wired) and my phone speeds are (5ghz about 13 feet from the router) yes this is smartphone it’s not usb wifi or pci wifi but that pci wifi is 5ghz capable and must be as fast as your wired connection.

Please enter a name says:

Our router is in my parents room, so the router is just 1 room away but still don’t know what to get.

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