HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Review – Freedom is Wireless

Wireless premium VR is finally a reality, thanks to a collaboration between HTC, Intel, and DisplayLink, creating the new HTC Vive Wireless Adapter. This wireless adapter works for either the regular HTC Vive or the HTC Vive Pro, and provides a way to ditch that cord tethering you to the computer by utilizing a custom-built Intel WiGig PCI-e card. Does this suffer from the usual wireless problems of added latency and reduced image quality? Find out in our review!

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Games featured in this review:
CREED: Rise to Glory
Doom VFR
Beat Saber
Budget Cuts
Unseen Diplomacy
Run of Mydan
Rec Room (Isle of Lost Skulls)
Superhot VR

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Coral Browne says:

Very helpful. Thank you. (subscribed)

DJHeroMasta says:

Drop the price and I’ll sell my Rift.

Mirak M says:

I think your system drops frames by itself, and as a result the wireless device will compress the image more, believing the wireless bandwith prevent it to send full frames on time.

sa_nick says:

For that price it should come with a spare battery. I think I’m still on the waiting bandwagon when it comes to advanced VR. The Samsung Gear will do until the Vive/Oculus resolution is better, FOV is higher and wireless is standard. I wish I could justify the price of these first gen devices but I just can’t…

Neo Baggins says:

I just got a 30k mAh battery pack ( for $20 less than a second HTC pack. I’ve yet to fully drain either pack, but right out of the box, it had 92% charge and worked flawlessly. After an hour and a half of playing SkVRim on the Vive Pro at 120% supersampling, it was down to 72%. Extrapolating, I’d get around 7.5 hours out of a single charge of this unit. I doubt I’ll ever be in an uninterrupted VR session for more than this plus the 3-4 hours of the base pack. I’m quite happy. It is hot swappable, you just need to hit the button on the adapter to reconnect it, and that takes about 5 seconds, then the game resumes as if nothing happened. Without taking off my Vive Pro, I can swap batteries and be back in the game in about 15 seconds.

Techy Las says:


robert13th says:

mine won’t come for a while since it’s back ordered -_-

TriggeredExploitz says:


*looks behind him at **8:41*

menarge williams says:


Pire Aí says:

Bro, don’t let your kid use the Vive, bro, for real

TheDragonfriday says:

So you have to download frame works when you install that wireless charger?

Leo Haqshenas says:

You forgot to cover a huge design issue with this device which is that coax cord being very short and being impossible to extend! so HTC dictates to their customers “you shall not get wireless VIVE in a dedicated room”. Very very disappointing!

FaceI3ss says:

Stock Intel CPU cooler hurts my heart

Hillshire says:

lol im planning to take a risk and play Gorn with it. good luck to my living room

DP J says:

How do you guys manage to look so depressed while playing VR lmao

Hacker - GD and more! says:

thank you for letting you kid play rec room

OTPulse says:

Very keen to get this. Just built a new PC as my old i7 3820 + GTX970 wasn’t cutting it any more so I packed up my Vive.

Is that battery pack special or can just any regular battery bank with decent capacity work?

AJ Vinke says:

Thanks for the clear review iam waiting for this for a while
but oh man HTC why the price difference in US and EU.
$299.99 for the wireless adapter and $60 for the Pro cables in the US
€345.00 for the wireless adapter and €75 for the Pro cables in the EU
to convert that, it is $400.94 for the wireless adapter and Pro cables $87.16 in the EU

DigThat32 says:

Sucks for me. I use mine in one room while my pc sits by the doorway in my bedroom

CMDR Gamagosk says:


D B says:

I will never upgrade my basic Vive until wireless is built in. A slight increase in dpi with nothing else included with the Pro is not going to do it. Especially when you see products like Starvr coming out. I’m usally brand loyal, but Vive is going to have to step up the game.

VRGamer87 says:

If your PC barely qualifies as VR ready, can you really fairly review something that hinges on having a fully VR compatible build to run it on?

TropicalCyclone says:

I’m watching a video of a thing that I don’t have.

Not just the wireless adapter.

Kim Jensen says:

Well clearly you never heard about tpcast since say HTC is the first with wireless VR.. I have been using my tpcast almost 1 year now and works amazing without need any new pci-e cards to my computer.

Adam Goyer says:

Thanks, this is a helpful review. much appreciate it.

Inclyte202 says:

Thank you for the video! Now I’m prepared when my adapter arrives!

Justin Baker says:

interesting tidbit on the impact on performance. i remember in the early days of vr folks wondered if you could turn off the tv as a second display because it was theorized the second display (once in vr and again on monitor/tv) would impact performance. that turned out not to be the case. i am assuming the wireless transmission must be doing some taxing compression before sending the signal. cant believe it took them this long to ship a product that seems to have more issues than tpcast (having to install another card and this performance taxation)

zztoluca says:

Nice review, great explanation and breakdown of the product.

Cody Cernohous says:

Soo…. I wont be able to play naked anymore?

Bruce Banner says:

By chance do you have a Rift as well? I was hoping the thing would work with the Rift, just connecting the hdmi and usb cables. Rift gets power from the usb port instead of the dc power port the Vive uses.

Tim Beals says:

Sad, I pre-ordered 21 days ago and I’m still waiting on HTC to even confirm a shipment… I guess Canada gets the shaft on pre-orders lol

LeoF 75 says:

damm I will have to ware pants now!

Jygako says:

I have audio strap and the OG vive I bought today but The wireless thing isn’t available yet at my local tech store

DJHeroMasta says:

Only 10Kmah? My Anker batteries over 20Kmah and it’s only $50. They could’ve at least offered a bigger battery.

Keith Manfredi says:


(my walls and controllers are all scratched up)


Darren _K says:

Pcie express card – does this mean this wireless tech cannot be used with a laptop?

Josiah Suarez says:


flameknight7 says:

Is the extra usb in the standard vive headset still usable? I have a usb lav mic connected to it because the vive default mic is garbage.

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