EDUP USB 3.0 Wireless Wifi Adapter Dual Band 2.4GHz 5GHz 1200Mbps 802.11AC

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In this video we will unbox EDUP USB 3.0 Wireless Wifi Adapter Dual Band 2.4GHz/5GHz
1200Mbps 802.11AC IEEE 802.11 a/b/n/g/ac with Antennas+Extended Cable
And see how to connect it to computer
There are 2 Omni-directional external double frequency (2.4GHz, 5GHz) antennas
5.8GHz 867Mbps is perfect for HD video stream and lag-free online game
using 2.4GHz 300Mbps WiFi normal use such as web surfing
Adapter size: 9 * 4.4 * 1.5cm / 3.54 * 1.73 * 0.59in (L * W * H) with only 1 WPS blue led button
It is easy to attach the antennas and adjust it to suitable with your WiFi
EDUP USB 3.0 Wireless Wifi Adapter comes with 1 CD driver and 1 USB 3.0 extended cable
Now we will connect the Wireless Wifi Adapter to a PC and experience it software
Just explore the CD and install EDUP software
Just some clicks away
We can search for available WiFi networks
I will connect to 5GHz WiFi
My computer connected to 2.4 GHz one
It will refresh and connect to 5GHz later
Connected to 5 GHz WiFi network now
now we will test network speed
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MD Ismail Hossain Naim says:

Can I Get The Driver software?


OMG….update your internet package…. I get 200 mb/s on the same wifi adapter 5ghz only mode…200mb/s,
this wifi dongle is the best on the market. but usb connector breaks easly.

Bigkilluminati says:

does this work on laptops too?

Palladium says:

I got a real world 380mbps on Speedtest on this adapter (Win10, USB3, 5.8GHz, 2×2, 80MHz bandwidth, 3m distance from AP = PHY 866 mbps). It’s awesome for $17.

tiramisu says:

can i set use 5ghz only? so i dont rely on automatic switch whatsoever.

Col7777 says:

I just bought one but can’t get it to work, it says it is USB 3.0 but the instructions say connect to USB 2.0 I tried both but still no joy, also when plugged in I don’t get the light on WPS like on your video.
I also don’t get the menu either after I installed the disk, I don’t get a desktop icon, I clicked on the icon in the start menu but nothing happens.
If you have any help I appreciate it thank you.

FaZe Ainsley says:

Could you send me the drivers my disk don’t work that would be very helpful, thanks

MidgetDucks FTW says:

when mine is plugged in here is no blue light help?

maxbaba1000 says:

good video….whats the gain of the antenna and where can i buy this online

xKira says:

Does anyone made it work on windows 10?

brow777 says:

works on usb 2.0 too???or only in 3.0?

Reece Paine says:

The drivers don’t work for me when I’ve tried on windows 10 and 7 but it always says sorry we don’t support this operating system can anyone help

Alexandre Rodrigues says:

this works in android? thanks

Pekka Hollola says:

Is this any good quality or should I buy ASUS USB Wifi 60$ ? Or TP-link ?

MrBandos84 says:

And what speed it supports access point mode?

Abu 3asm says:

what kind of distance can i expect?

The Wolf Plays says:

Could you link me the website you got this from please, thanks.

Nathan Morris says:

I bought this and it works perfectly on windows but could any help me install it on linux

Probably Tilted says:

On mine its showing no available networks but i know there are… UGH

Sudo Linux says:

Windows XP? LOL

haxors 4hire says:

This isn’t idubbbz

Tiare .R says:

Can anyone tell me what sort of cord is used to power this wifi adapter?

Ahshan Habib says:

will it work on windows 10?

Col7777 says:

I got a refund from the seller, it appears mine was broken, I didn’t get another one.

Cem qqq says:

what chipset does it have ? i assume that it isnt a realtek one

french lowell says:

im curious .. which is better to use this EP-AC1605 or tp link wr822n in better tranfer rate and signal range that can be get

Robert Chen says:

EDUP Office on Aliexpress ,Give you more Surprises

Robert Chen says:

EDUP Office on Aliexpress ,Give you more Surprises.

You can buy the same wifi adapter EP-AC1605 as the video here

Dake’s Aerial Sensations says:

Hi! Is it possibile to use as Wi-Fi extender connecting to a power bank? Or do i always have to use a Pc?

Hamza Rahmouni says:

i want its driver . please upload it in mediafire

toxiic gaming says:

will this work well if the router is downstairs and the WiFi USB is in my bedroom upstairs.. directly about the router?

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