D-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter Unboxing and Speed Tests! (DWA-192)

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D-Link sent me their new AC1900 Wi-Fi USB adapter (DWA-192) and in this video I unbox it, set it up, and run some speed tests!

More info and stuff here: http://bit.ly/1OTAx3A

DWA-192 Drivers: http://bit.ly/1OTAyEu

D-Link’s Commercial: https://youtu.be/VfO3TmkoJ1E

D-Link’s Unboxing: https://youtu.be/of7qIj2jayA

Buy from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1VS4AgD
Buy from Newegg: http://bit.ly/1IzyYqo
Buy from D-Link: http://bit.ly/1MYt7dU

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Adam says:

you should chage your intro because Google changed there logo just sayin

Noodle King says:

My wifi is beyond slow am lucky to get 0.0002 mbps

SiSiSiUSA says:

Your driver link is wrong… it should be http://support.dlink.ca/ProductInfo.aspx?m=DWA-192

allena opoku says:

Hey Josh I was wondering if you will do a review on the LG G4?

Mr.know life says:

Looks like a grenade from advanced warfare lmao btw josh why you pretty much only play destiny lol?

lolo ent says:

Not bad u say, I’m on Comcast 105mbp & getting 95-98 down & 23-30 ⤴ load u sir are being modish tats awesome I wish I had Google fiber down here

MrIStillDontCare says:

I only pay 10 Euros for 1 Gbit/s.



Colenel Sanders says:

that orb is shitting on us and will suck our wifi into a vortex

PlasticCardsNr1 says:

Just got my own delivered today. I’ll use it for my desktop computer. Before I simply used Smartphone Tethering to connect desktop PC to the internet. Just wanted to say Thanks for the “driver link” – it was extremely helpful. D-link website sucks completely…. so without your video it would have taken half a day…. All of Best

Jason Pu says:

Love it! Well, better to test how well it works in AP mode.

Bruno Medina says:

Why would anyone be subscibed to this

Sean Steiner says:

Not to sound stupid but isn’t the purpose of have an AC1900 adapter to get higher data transfer/connection speeds between your router and PC? And the video didn’t show that. Did you test that to see what the connection speed was between the router and adapter?

Melissa Soto says:

does the d link-dwa-192

need a router to connect? and would it work on rca viking pro tablet? and what will I need to connect

Jo Loui says:

does it work on usb 2,0…even if not optimal?

Richard's World Traveler says:

Maybe I missed it, but you should have also shown the speed test with your built-in Wi-Fi

Wildboy789789 says:

u have gigabyte internet? and ur getting 300mbps?

Gilles Robveille says:

You lucky man, I am in Perth Australia and I
get around 1Mbps with ADSL2+!

Doctor Leon says:

Why u didn’t download win 10?

BanTiger says:

Does it work with TP-Link AC3150 Wireless Wi-Fi Router??

Dawn Moon says:

You should have tested the WIFI speeds in your LAN, not do a test to the WAN. Now the WAN is going to limit your tests results. Basic networking guys…

Daniel Brent says:

First thanks for reviewing this product.

Sadly the review doesn’t tell me much of anything about the quality of the device.

–*Internet Testing*
Internet testing is definitely a thing and its good to know that this AC dongle gives you the full up and down that you’re paying for as a default. But the takeaway here is, this doesn’t tell us really anything about the quality, and speed of the AC Wifi Dongle. All this is saying is that your internet bandwidth fits into a 54Mbps wireless G / N envelope (sort of). All or most good Wireless N and even G (but prob not fully) devices should give you full internet speeds with plenty of headroom beyond if your speeds are around 54mbps.

–*File Transfer Benchmarks*
What is needed in these tests is a transfer from one computer to another. One computer or laptop hardwired to a Gigabit ethernet directly to an AC router and another PC or Laptop to an AC wifi dongle and back and or a NAS drive data transfer. Transfer small files like a bunch of .jpg and then large file like GB sized movies or TV shows to truly see the speed of AC.

Another test while doing transfers is to move from room to room to see how far you can go without drops or slow-downs.

In short, an internet speed test IS NOT a good benchmark for how well an AC device performs. Definitely do the internet speed test as an aside, a default, but transfer speeds are the real benchmark.

*Lead Tech and Owner — Lucky Dragon Computers Olympia.*

Hanifi Özbey says:

Impossible who can you download 200mb/s ? 😮

Th33Vultur3 says:

pokeball much?

Selena Carmona says:

Does it work?

nikita mafara says:

100mb upload ‘not too bad’ mines flipping 10mbs

MrBrymstond says:

I want one, maybe two! I believe every USB device should have universal drivers built right in and then take you to a download link for optimized updates or automatically do it with a click of a OK button…

Andy Garag says:

buy one, after getting sick of my TP-link t9uh 1900ac i bought one of these, i got 4x the speed when compared to the tp-link from the exact same location

Сергей Петровский says:


gogo cat says:

Cheeby , i got only 30mbps on Asus Usb Ac-56 (3.0) , knn crap Asus

angelisone says:

what is the speed when dwa-192 is 100 feet away?
what good if you see signals and they are blocked & can’t get one.

FootballStar Caleb says:

Can you use this for game consoles?

Casey Rodriguez says:

not too bad? I didn’t know you could get that fast of an upload speed. I max 13mb up 170mb down.

TZ o says:

.dbm ?mW WIFI ?

Tbros Gaming says:

Thank you i was looking for the drivers but now it works thanksyou

LiteGaming says:

The Mouse I Got that!

Dean LastName says:

Lol in Australia i get 3.2Mbps Down and 0.75Mbps Up so please nobody complain.

Сергей Петровский says:


Nep says:

I have 5.6 Mbps Up and 762 Kbps down…. And that’s wired.

Jax Teller RC says:

Thanks for this vid, helped me out a lot (-:

carlo alcausin says:

so if I got a new computer that has no wifi on the mobo or I dont have a ethernet cable or any other kimd of network card I can get this so I can be able to connect to wifi?

Adam says:

you should chage your intro because Google changed there logo just sayin.

Rattanasin Suwan says:

is this thing can pick up signal at 200 feet length ?

OfficialMusicHub says:

how do u root the shield tv

Even says:

My “ball” keeps “crashing”… It mostly works, but everytime i start downloading something or do something that requeres more bandwith it stops working. It dosent lose signal, but nothing loads… I have downloaded the latest drivers for Windows 10. The only thing that helps is to unplug it an plug it back in. Please Help

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