Cheap Wifi Booster and Extender for Gamers – ANEWKODI 600mbps USB Wifi Adaptor

Having connections problems? This video will show you how to quickly and permanently improve your wifi for gaming, youtube and anything else. This cheap adapter is my secret sauce for giving me reliable gameplay without an ethernet cord. This is a gaming adaptor that I’ve used for over a year. It is one of the best adaptors I’ve come across while searching for one. This Wifi booster increases range and reduces lag.

ANEWKODI 600Mbps Dual Band (2.4G/150Mbps+5G/433Mbps) Wireless USB Wifi Adapter –

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Aurora says:

Ethernet cables are the way to go

InSTaDev says:

good shit

M3AKS says:

This is a great video!

CincyGamezZ z says:

underrated channel

Dark Rai says:

Nice Vid is the set up easy for this also does it work on windows 10?

Jkou Files says:

ordered one since my internet connection seemed so laggy for a 200mps twarner cable connection plan

Bryan Vidals says:

do you need to put in the cd?

Johnny S says:

I have Lenovo yoga 710 (710-15isk) and have nothing but problems with wifi ever since I owned it. Problem: it says I’m connected to wifi but browsers won’t work or load pages.

This just happens whenever it feels like it. Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting helps, other times it doesn’t. Rebooting router may or may not help. Disable > enable network adapter may or may not help. I’ve updated drivers. I’ve rolled back drivers. I’ve went to driver>properties>advanced and tweaked settings. Then I reverted the settings. I changed the channel my routers operates on. 2.4gh and 5gh both give me problems.

I am hardly a tech expert and I’ve exhausted all of the things I know how to do. I even bought a new router in case that was the problem… Also, it may, or may not be, important to note whenever I try to disable/enable the adapter, or change in settings at all in advanced properties tab my computer ALWAYS freezes, so I have to boot up in safe mode w/ networking to do so (idk if this is relevant or not).

Please for the love of God help me lol. I want to throw my crappy $1k computer out of the window! Would buying a usb wifi adapter help? I am thinking this Lenovo has a junk adapter card but honestly idk. I’ve turned off anti virus and firewall before to see if it helped and nope. I apologize for rambling but please can anyone tell me if an adapter would help? If I get an adapter is it necessary to disable the network card onboard?

TruthersUnite2 says:

eBay sells them for half that price or less.

Top 10 Wiz says:

Hello, would you say that this boosts your upload speeds as well? For example, uploading a video to youtube

Hogs Anonymous says:

use levelizer to be have better audio consistency and also a pop filter

JNcustom35 says:

dont have a cd slot how di I use

Me, Myself & STI says:

This is helpful I wonder if it will help my desktop. I am not sure what it currently has but I do feel when I am on wireless it is slow so I run a wire across the house and the gf gets mad lol

Brandon_ Games says:

Does it disconnect often?

Mario Pacheco says:

And can works with a xbox one console?

Xvest igesX says:

just asking you running you’re wifi on 5g or 2.4g slow net on 2.4g just make sure you’re on 5g

Jacob Christian Glover says:

Not a Gamer, but I really appreciate your review. This device is just what I was in search of for Mom! Be well, stay encouraged, and I know that you’ll hit 1 Million Subscribers, I’m One!

Seriously? says:

get an Asus router it works wonders 4Mbs sucks ass try and save 312$ to get it at fry’s it helps me a lot like a lot a lot and I really love it I reallyyyyy suggest getting the Asus Tribit gigabit router

Homer Playz says:

nice video! really helpful man

zach lemon says:

omg this is the video i needed i could not find any solutions to my wifi problems but u saved me instant sub and like

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