Canon W E1 Wifi Adapter Review – Photo Lowdown

A review of the Canon W-E1 Wifi Adapter for the Canon 7D Mk2 DSLR.
The App I am using is Canon Camera Connect from the ios App store.

The full review can be read here:

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Nathan Petty says:

Does a WIFI source need to be near? Like my house or business, or wherever wifi is typically set up. OR… does it act like bluetooth basically? In other words, is the wifi connection just between the camera and mobile device in this case?

2artb says:

I am using a Rebel T-5, do you know if this model works?

2artb says:

Can it cast live hd video to a tablet while in record mode? Also, hows the quality, does it stutter or have much lag? Thanks

eric johnston says:

rather use tether tools wifi control even though it is two hundred fifty bucks. keeps both card slots for memory cards. Can be used on all recent cameras.

David Adams says:

Hey, sweet review, Luke. I like the way you mix the video to show the shots, and the screenshot overlays. Really quite polished. I like your relaxed style too…not too ‘game presenter’! I’ve just ordered my W-E1 for my 7DMKII. I noticed that you were focussing with the camera. With all the advanced auto-focus features of the 7DMKII, are you not able to access these with the App? Quick tip, btw, in live view you might as well hold the mirror up to reduce vibrations even further. Shots would be quicker and quieter too. Keep up the good work – enjoyed this one 🙂

nene dog says:

if i make a whole shooting with another card in my canon 5d mark3 and plug the wifi adapter after this, can i transfer the pictures to my iphone?

edgar diaz says:

my question is. would this work on a T5i?

stuart barham says:

I just updated my 7dmkii to the latest firmware, looking to purchase the wifi card, and the wifi option is nowhere to be seen. Does the option appear when the wifi card is inserted? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Mikael Andersson says:

You could have prepared just a little bit. EIther that or called it a first impression instead of a review. Nice video though.

Jeff Speers says:

I’m really interested in this for video reasons. Will it control while in video mode? More importantly, can I start and stop recordings, or use the touch screen on a phone or tablet to touch to focus like the 80D app can?

John Kelliher says:

Hi Luke, I just got my card and just wondering can you use it for sport with the lens set to Al Servo

seth alton says:

Just a heads up to those still interested in something like this. I have a T6i that has the wifi built in. When you connect for remote shooting through your phone or tablet… the camera turns into a dummy camera. You loose a LOT of advanced features from the camera, and can not take pictures using the camera. I had the initial expectation that I would be able to wirelessly tether shoot directly to my laptop or tablet. This is simply not the case. When you establish a connection with their app, the camera releases all controls to the app (even just reviewing pictures on the SD card).

I still think that they have a VERY long way to go if they’re going to get this or the built-in wifi to operate in that capacity.

TheMobileMan says:

Hello Luke, thank you for that most informative video. I don’t own the 7DII but had purchased the WE-1 to use with my 5DIII and 5DSR. Unfortunately it does not work with the 5DIII but after watching your video I was up and running with it in the other Canon camera. The ring flash attachment you were using for the macro shots got me onto eBay to look for a similar device. Do you have any particulars of the one you were using? I am using the 1st generation of the Canon 600EX flashes and was hoping that the attachment would work them. Thanks again.

Joseph DePinho says:

What macro lens are you using?

TheReason Reason says:

Just upgraded the firmware to accommodate the Wi Fi card, the latest is Version 1.1.0, which does not show Wi Fi function..?

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