Best USB Wireless (WiFi) Adapters For Hacking

This video covers the most important things that you need to consider when buying a wireless adapter, all of the adapters covered can be purchased from the following website

All of the adapters shown here will work with Kali Linux and support monitor mode and packet injection.

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Ante Gamithite says:

Hey guys! can i use thease adaptors with mac?

reshail raza says:

Will TP-link WN722N v1.1 work for me or not?
Please help :/

Alf Atlant says:

Many thanx!!!! Very helpful video!!!

Musa Yobabydaddy says:

Will the high gain 150mbps TL-WN722N TP-Link wireless adapter, work with Kali Linux, back track, side kick or shoden?

Juan De Lemos says:


TheYoungRecklessBeats says:

That ain’t Ralph doe

Didier   Rangel says:

como conecto en android la tp-link7200nd? para wifite

Nabil Khaleel says:

Do you recommend any of Tenda products for the sake of working with Kali Linux?

Slow Mo Addict says:

Hi, has the Alfa AWUS036AC usb stick (NOT the awus036acH) monitor mode & packet injection? I believe it has a Realtek AR8812AU chip but I’m not really sure because I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. And if it does, is it a good wireless adapter for kali Linux 2018 installed on a virtual machine in windows 10? (For penetration testing and WiFi cracking)

Tibor Kuczora says:

Wow! The wireless adapter I bought for my mom’s pc is a TP-Link TL-WN722N which has an Atheros chipset mentioned in the video. How lucky I am. 🙂 It also costs around 10-15$ where I bought it.

spydergs07 says:

I have the Alfa AWUS036ACH with 9dBi booster antennas and now my range is extremely far.
I also have the Alfa AWUS06NHA with the 9Dbi booser antenna and it helps. But the ACH with the longer range antennas is just awesome.


Sir pls help show how to download kali kinux on ipad

Karim Khalid says:

if i use an old router as a wireless adapter, is it gonna work for hacking ?

Daniele Testa says:

Can’t use cards from within virtual machines? Of course you can! You just have to configure your virtual machine with hardware passthrough so the virtual machine has direct access to the wireless hardware. You will not be able to use the hardware with several VMs at the same time though.

d johnson says:

im sure at the beginning he used to be truthful and unbiased with his choices but then alfa got in his pocket and he started recommending them on basically all his video…

GREEN Thomas says:

J’ai celle-ci depuis peu, et franchement elle est nickel !

Juan De Lemos says:


sudo systemctl stop newtork-manager; sudo killall wpa_supplicant; sudo killall dhclient

sudo ip link set wlan1 down

sudo iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor

sudo ip link set wlan1 up

sheikh khurshid says:

please i have to contact with you in whatsapp my number is +923082431250

Bulbasir says:

Well, I found that TP-LINK TL-WN722N V3 does work with Atheros too but cannot find a website which shows this information. Is there some side updated with all these informations? I bought an TP-LINK TL-WN821N V6 but it doesn’t work so get away from this version and its getting really hard to find stores (even online) where I live which has an usb wireless adapter with the Atheros chipset.

Nihad TP says:

i bought TL-WN725N tp-link wireless adapter. But coudn’t set it to monitor mode. it says set failed o device ivalide argument .does it mean that the adapter does not support monitor mode

Musa Yobabydaddy says:

These are the specs on the TL-WN722N TP-Link…


Type :
Network adapter
Form Factor :
Connectivity Technology :
Data Transfer Rate :
300 Mbps
Data Link Protocol :
IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0)
Compliant Standards :
IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0), IEEE 802.1x
Features :
MIMO technology
Interface Type :
USB 2.0
Wi-Fi Bands :
2.4 GHz

2.4 is on the low side and i can’t find the type of chipset it has, I’m running this on a PC is this the right adapter?


good information but, i am not able to decide one ..

Muhammad bilal says:

I have a question
Can we convert a wifi router into wifi adapter

David DLima says:

Zaid, could you name some of the budger wifi adapters? That would be very helpful.

Didier   Rangel says:

Gentlemen, the antenna tp-link7200nd, it serves to use with the phone for the wifite mode?

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