$20 USB WiFi Adapter – AC Wireless – 802.11ac – Review

$20 buys you a USB WiFi adapter that is three times faster than the older N standard, what more could you want?

I have to say the price of this is amazingly reasonable, for $20 you can add blazing fast AC WiFi to any desktop or laptop computer, either that has old/slow/broken WiFi, or none at all.

Buy this on Amazon.com:

Edimax 802.11ac USB WiFi Adapter
Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/1sGPaBQ
NewEgg.com – http://bit.ly/2b4Vgn4

I also reviewed the N WiFi (802.11n) version of this, which is slower but costs less, for $10:

Computer Deals in the US:

Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/2b4teIp
NewEgg.com – http://bit.ly/29wXbSJ
eBAY.com – http://ebay.to/29cBqoM

Computer Deals Outside of the US:

Amazon.ca – http://amzn.to/2bdT6Gj
Amazon.co.uk – http://amzn.to/2bdXRvC
Amazon.de – http://amzn.to/2bdSK2k
Amazon.fr – http://amzn.to/2b4LMKy
Amazon.es – http://amzn.to/2bdTt3v

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raploh says:

Hi, can you do a performance review between this and a N adapter?

Timo Aun says:

Do some wifi adapters also come with bluetooth?

K R says:

Will this work for an older Mac destop with Verizon FiOS wifi? are there any other adapters you would also recommend?

Chris Leach says:

thanks so much for the video do more of these please

wut says:

Would you consider doing a review of LEPA AquaChanger 240?

Benjamin Kromann says:

Uhhhh this is actually wrong, 802.11ac is actually more spectrum-restricted than 802.11n

By Faith says:

How does this work?

Alexander Terry says:

Was looking at buying that exact model so very glad you did this review 🙂

crazyjr says:

Not available on newegg (sold out) and Amazon, the only one showing is 96.00. price gouging at it’s best

Lance Avion says:

What a cool little device. I changed my WiFi card in my laptop so I no longer need one of these, but it’s good to know they exist.

Alan McGrath says:

Is this backwards-compatible with older standards, or will it ONLY work with AC?

Rob Bish says:

can you use this on the dell inspiron?

orlared says:

wow $100 on Amazon now.
Anyway, I like the small stuff.
You are great reviewer, very knowledgeable and I like the way you explain everything instead of taking it for granted we know all this stuff.

xJTxDOnot PaNiC says:

some on reviews say they get 2 out 5 lines if its a room away,is cable to router way better?

Nabila Jeffry says:

sir this wifi? or tp link.?

Hildeberto Blasco says:

Very effective and efficient short informative video. Subscribed!

hibbenshot says:

I’m getting one of these for free with a new PC purchase, but my router is old. So, basically this thing will do me no good then right?

Wesley P says:

did you just tell everyone that wireless N doesnt work on 5Ghz? even though it was the first consumer standard to use 5Ghz? thats really annoying. thats really really annoying. stop lying to people.

William Ravenelle says:

This guy is the real deal

comedyman112 says:

is this good to add to my desktop pc to game on it? my wireless is limited to 100Mbps anyway

FlippinFreds Free Form Factor says:

Wow. I never new this existed. Well alright now. Here’s a really big way to save money on the need for wifi connectivity. Perfect. And Thank you for your review. You have a full time fan now.

Ross Benfell says:

A review of a product that doesn’t even involve testing the product, pointless video thumbs down from me!

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