Xbox One | Digital TV Tuner [PEGI 3]

The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner provides Xbox One users with a better over-the-air digital terrestrial TV experience through the USB single tuner, an alternative to accessing TV content from a cable or satellite set-top box connected through the HDMI-In port.

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Tyler Young says:

Xbox!! You got it backwards, imagine streaming game video to iPad /Android.

Being able to game where ever when I.e parents or who ever wants to watch tv ECT..


SuperFreshNigNogRingDingDongGamer says:

is it true that you have to be connected to the internet to watch tv with this thing?

Kelvin Brinham says:

Does it support free view HD channels

Joeybrah says:

If this was in the U.S. that would rock!!!

feeble2009 says:

Do you get the freeview HD channels?

YehKellb says:

Could you record TV shows using the tuner, i.e If I am out and want to record game of thrones for example and I can watch the tv show at a later date? Thanks

Zzwopp says:

Aussies will have to import from UK or elsewhere.
not a scapp of if, or when Aussie get a look in.   🙁

Justin bustin says:

Wish it add to my reception. I setup a long distance antenna. Now I hopefully won’t have to run more cable to other rooms if I get a smart tv for my bedroom.

Dale Melton says:

Great! When will it be available in the US?

Michael Hobson says:

do you need xbox live to use all the features? 

Chris Rabet says:

would be nice to buy but everywhere in the hole UK is sold out even on the Microsoft web site

PZR18 says:

add on DVR!!!!!!!! without DVR Functionality the PS Vue or PC Tuners are better

Add DVR now!!!!!!

zipperkiller5 says:

You got to bring this to the US.

Daniel Bang says:

This doesn’t seems to *want* to work when I have Xbox 360 connected to the HDMI input…
I cannot find my zipcode in Denmark when I have the location set to UK.
I cannot set the location to Denmark, without also switching language to English.
I cannot find location Denmark under English language.
I cannot use voice commands if the language is set to Danish.
I don’t even want Danish on my Xbox, so why am I forced to see Danish?
Just because you live in a specific country, doesn’t mean you speak *their* language.

Sam Inzana says:

What kind of adapter was used to go from the TV cable to the tuner itself?

dom dodds says:

Why is this still out of stock

Warrior Hines says:

What kind of cable/connector is that?

Rosita Carvajal says:

0:50 bbc one ident

Andrew Blair says:

Would this work with my skybox in a different room aswell?

hegotaspare says:

Can’t get tv in my room anyway so this is worthless?

Paul King says:

I hope this comes to Australia later and works here. Clearly the XBOX department of Microsoft hasn’t been thinking of people living outside the U.S…..

London Fella says:

Currently £6.95 from The Game Collection …

GEORGE 11694 says:

Does this aply if my cable box isn’t hd?

AppyDroid Development says:

Its stuff like this that makes me glad i purchased the XBOX ONE.. Neat little addon.. 🙂

Nick Rilea says:

Is this supporting DVB-T2 as well or DVB-T only?

Emmanuel Mwangi says:

Will this unit work in regions outside UK and Europe but follow the same digital signal standard of DVB..?


Can you so this on a Xbox 360 ?

R C says:


R3DRAIN89 says:

is this only for uk

Floyd steel says:

And this isn’t available for the US and Canada because….?

warclown11 says:

Lmao please tell me why this is not in the US right now because I would LOVE THIS XD

RICHARD Bryan says:

Does xbox one play 360 and original xbox games?

Ian Carney says:

Anyone know if its available in Ireland

ZającTV says:

whats tablet ??

Aggbala says:

grrrrrr i dont like it being released in only a fraction of europe. comon xbox. either u release something….or u dont

peter benjamin says:

The reason why XBOX is kicking the Apple Tv is reasons like this. For 200 More you get a gaming console & more. would work great on this also.

Versipellis the rogue Changeling says:

Me thinks I just got interested in watching TV again, especially if I can multitask by playing games and watching TV at the same time

FraGNet0 says:

is it possible to set it up if you are on a fiberglass connection on a animo settopbox wich is connected to the tvfeed through utp ?

SaucyBegger25 says:

Can this thing record, series record and store the recorded programs on the hdd? I use play TV for PS3 and use it every day. If this can’t do any of the above its worthless

justkeepitoriginal says:

This feature was free on the 360

jamisdragon1 says:

I really wanna usb tuner in japan.
Live streaming over the local network is fasicinated

Eric Gossick says:

Anyone know how or if you can use a DVR system to record shows? Xbox One is not doing the DVR add-on anymore….

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