Watch Live Over the Air HD TV with MyGica HD TV Tuner and ATV 1810

USB TV tuner
This tuner works on MyGica ;players
Mygica ATC 1810 Android media players
Ultra thin wall Antenna antenna
I use this high speed 128GB SD card
Mygica previous version ATSC Tuner (not sure if this works on android boxes but it says it wokrs on MyGica boxes)

Nova launcher

Pros and cons:

ATSC to USB tunner can record over the air HD TV. Awesome!
ATSC to USB tunner also worked with other players like the Minix X8-H Plus
Four USB ports!
Webcam worked really well. Could even record video true 1080p video with this Logitech webcam
USB tuner works in windows and mac too.
Xbmc works great
Video playback even up to 4k works great on the box.
Wifi works great
Average Antutu score of 32,000
MyGica’s Android OS is stable
Future software should be able to record to SD or USB

No power off option although you can reboot with a 3rd party app
The ATV 1810 only has 8 GB of onboard flash final retail version should have 16 option though.
3rd party PadHD TV software can’t choose to recorded to sd card
Included remote is not an gyro mouse making app navigation difficult. I recommend getting an air mouse which works really well like this one

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以蔵岡田 says:

Does anyone know where i can buy the USB TV Tunner? I cant seem to fined even on their official site

David Essex says:

Mygica ATC 1810 Android media players
(link no longer works) if you wanted to update.

richard van wetering says:

hi does ota hdtv works in every country?

1hjehje says:

Thank you for the excellent video. I have ordered the Pad TV ATSC tuner from MyGica  for my android tablet. It hasn’t arrived yet but I am anxious to give it a try.

gripps2211 says:

looks pretty cool.

Gary Scalise says:

Recording would be a plus since DVR are almost non existent.  However, the Tablo box can record over the air and cable I think, but the unit specs are not overweening.  Great review as always. G.

My Space says:

New digital TV’s come with a built in tuner, you don’t need an additional tuner.

Carlos Perez says:

Hey Rivers I like your video I wanted to know if you are in the States or not. I noticed that the stick you are using is not an ATSC but a DVB, will that now work in the states?

John Clarke says:

How soon will this box become available in Market for sale mygica 1810

richardp1962 says:

thanks for the info.  I’m looking into buying the mygica box with the usb tuner but i have a quick question : i see you’re using an app called Pad HD TV to view your OTA channels.  Since the Mygica box comes with XBMC, can I direct the OTA channels to go thru the XBMC app instead ? thanks.

eladbari says:

Rivers, please!
I just got my first MINIX box and i have no original ideas of what to use it for, other than for XBMC or watching youtube.

Do you utilize other apps on your tv box which could be very proficient to a living room usage? (Besides gaming. I do that on my pc).

Please make a video and give us ideas for cool/ fun/ useful apps which go great with the nature of a living room entertainment box! Please 🙂

David Easton says:

Hi Rivers. Just watched your video. I asked you about this kind of thing (OTA TV) last year. Good to see you’ve caught up! I have a MYGIGCA PT115 which plugs into the OTG port on my Xperia SP and Vega S89H. On both units the audio is out of sync with the video. You obviously didn’t experience this issue with your example. I have asked both Geniatech and the PadTV authors for a solution, but to no avail. Any thoughts?

Ivo Haladin says:

Has anybody tried to pair this Mygica USB to ATSC tuner with Minix Neo X8-H plus?
Since there are drivers and apps for android, it should work, right? 
I have a similar tuner (but for EU DVB-T standard) MyGica T119 and my Minix Neo X8-H Plus is on it’s way from china…
I’m eger to test if it works, once it arrives, but I’m curious if someone has already tried?

Eli Aroshas says:

Hi, Can you test this tuner with the Minix X8-H Plus?
It would be great if it would.

blaze says:

hey is this like the armada m8

james banko says:

+Tech Connect
Can this work on android tablets.Just wondering how can this tuner intended for windows work on Android OS players.would installing total media support this on Android tablets? thanks!

Scorpio_680 says:

ATSC to USB tunner works on minix x8-h plus?

tech India says:

can i play tv in android via wifi. i want to connect my set top box hdmi out to this box

pyro707 says:

So the micro sd card is legit? I’ve bought from amazon/ebay and got fakes. I buy sd cards from stores now.

Greg Keane says:

could you use an app like Tasker to auto transfer the files to a preferred location?

Laugh Factory says:

Tech Connect Dude, no copyright infringement if you’re taking a video of your tv. You ain’t redistributing a tv show content and on top it’s your voice.

Prathamesh Dabade says:

First view and comment

bahhaziz says:

Why don’t you just connect the cable coming from the antenna to the “antenna in” port on the TV and enjoy free over the air TV channels?

christopher crowley says:

does the tv tuner work with nvidia shield TV?

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