Viewtv AT-263 Unboxing, Setup, Review (Digital Converter Box with Recoding) OTA

Second generation of the AT-163 View TV digital converter box with PVR function. This newer model bosts a smaller form factor, better recording capabilities, and functionality.


Rich Schreiner says:

Hi, great review, thanks! I’m thinking of this for recording evening news and some local programming. Which model is the ‘top dog’? The AT-163, AT-263, AT-164, AT-300 or another model.

Thanks again for a great review.

Todd Stewart says:

I was hoping Microsoft would allow the record button to work in their Oneguide using their damned USB ATSC tuner on Xbox One.. but noooo. It can pause and rewind, why not record also? Something doesnt seem right about that. That would have been the perfect antenna DVR.

kwikslvr73 says:

can the programs you record be erased on the USB and record new ones?

See Nomore says:

learn and Know BEFORE you show ..geesh!

jesse chavez says:

Most of these d.c boxes look fuzzy any 1 know if the picture quality is really 1080p

TeddyLeppard says:

Thanks for the review and setup. Just got this unit myself and will be messing around with it, but this was a good preview. Looks like no one has yet made a PVR/DVR as simple to use as VCRs used to be, but they’re slowly getting there.

Debbie C says:

Not trying to be funny or anything, but what state do you live in? Reason that I am asking is I noticed during your setup that you are receiving some good channels. I mean shows I grew up watching. Not only that, shows I once paid the cable company to watch. I would do anything to have those very shows that you are receiving from your converter box. One question. Is it due to location or the converter box itself that you get such good shows? I have the Ematic Converter Box. Maybe I need to switch up. Thank you for the setup!

Mary Pearson says:

hi Jonathan. I have 3 TVs without the HDMI. they have the RCA jacks what do I need to make it work. I have the antenna when I connect it says boot

Paul Carey says:

I just bought one. Hooked it up ran the scan and it never picked up any channels. I Hooked up another antenna and still didn’t pick up anything. Had to get my money back

DogDaze66 says:

is there a signet strength window to adjust your antenna for the best signal,?

Browningate says:

Good information. I’d be curious to know about what format it records the video in though (resolution, codec, etc.). Can you share a sample of recorded 1080i video?

Samael Ng says:

I just bought this unit via Amazon so I can connect to my Slingbox. I just hope Slingbox has support for it. Thanx for the review

Louis Linsley says:

I have this converter box. it’s super. However, I’ve noticed a few channels have an audio Lag problem. Is this the broadcaster or the Box?

Joesph Baumgardner says:

@ Brandon Geekabit, thinking of getting one.By now I’m sure you are aware mostly of box fully.Have a couple questions if you could be so kind as to input to help.1).I assume since the at-163 box read most files yours box than would support format files like- H.264 MKV AVI etc?? 2).How is the remote range.Is it a pain or don’t have to be right on box to use?? 3).So this this does NOT have a HDD at which you much plug a stick or hard drive to record correct?? 4).Stead of RF output just run hdmi out box to hdmi in tv correct?? and is that hdmi box port putting out a vid signal AND AUDIO both in that port? Lastly, for me, the big question.I have cable.I have a digital box.NOT a box with this that in it.Just box they gave when digital went digital.I had that running into a dvd dvr combo than to tv.Now you have to use converter box to control ch and vol.I would set the combo to ch 3 use box to go to any ch.Set time program on combo to record shows.Long as combo is ch 3 all is fine.Kinda like the old school days with vcr ch setup.That said, think there would be any issue with ( my combo blew up ), running my main digital converter box in to box you have set box you have to ch 3.Use my box as the master and your box set to ch 3 showing whatever ch I switch on my little cable digital converter box??.I know may be hard to understand.Sorry.. In a nut shell I want to auto scan your box with my little digital cable box from cable company hooked up.Your box detects it ( say on default ch 3).Can I do that? Side note- my cable is decrypted- unlocked.

Zorro Zero says:

A lot of these have a digital pass through with the coax. Do you know if the RF out (for the coaxial cable) is digital or analog?

Greg Miller says:

Can I use 2 separate AT-263 converter boxes with one antenna ( with splitter) to view recordings I made on one, and watch on the other TV?

Astros/ Rockets/Texans says:

can digital converter boxes be compatible with slingbox.

Satil Mohammed Yusuf Habib says:

can you connect it to xbox one s?

maurice garrett says:

Can you record without the antenna ? I have IPTV on a Android box using HDMI cables

Outlaw Mooring says:

Wish he would show how he hooked it all up. That is what I need to know.

Mike Lee says:

Does the tuner have to be on the channel you want to record or can you be watching another channel?
Can you record with the tv off? (a scheduled recording) Can it record more than 1 program at a time?

JayMunOne says:

hey can you fill a 128gb usb drive with Buzzr content for me? looks like 5-2 WTTG comes in good for you!

FLT1979 says:

But it doesn’t tell you what the name of the show is that you’ve recorded?

Tallie90 says:

where did you screw in the flat antenna into the box or into the back of the television?

Got KEYS (Recording Studio) says:

can you pause live tv?

Doc Holladay says:

Just got mine from Amazon the at 263 and everything works using the menu buttons on the actual box but the controller does not work. Waiting a day to hear some feedback before I send it back. Disappointed. Go figure I knew it wouldn’t be simple. The story of my life. Always something wrong

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