Tablo Digital Video Recorder Review

Tablo 2 Tuner
Tablo 4 Tuner
Nvidia Shield TV (4k)
Minix Neo-U1 Android Media player
Amazon Fire TV (4k)
ac WiFi router highly recommended if you are going to stream I use this one
Western digital hard drive
Samsung Galaxy Tab s2
Laptop Asus 4K Zenbook

Launcher TSF launcher

Additional info:
Just FYI the light on the front can be turned off in the software settings. Also Tablo recordings can be accessed in Plex channel and Kodi.

How to setup Tablo
Tablo’s drive recommendations

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Okinawa Japan says:

This looks awesome! Really fluid interface. I’m betting it won’t work in Japan though right? Stateside tuners only, right? Hmmm.. I need to find something that will work here other than the Japanese DVRs. Or a way to get a stateside type service like Aereo used to offer. I remember them too. Was sad when they were sued into oblivion. I was all over it when they started up. Didn’t think anyone remembered them.


lel I can do that with my reciver


amazing 60 fps video

Patrick G. says:

Jeeez man, dampen your audio, people wear headphones

Sal says:

i’m sorry to say so but this sounds more like a commercial than a review..

seemoremacstuff says:

Man I wish I could get over the air but freaking San Gabriel mountains block all the signals from LA where I am.

Ivan O. says:

I like your face, it is small.

Harry creasian says:

tablo means “tampang bloon” or stupid face in indonesian slang..

Ricardo Galan says:

Hey man have you thought about doing a video on the hd homerun dvr? Reason I ask is because I do have two hd homerun duals setup on my network. They work great for watching ota broadcast but I was wondering how the new dvr stuff is going to work.

David Hayes says:

Very nice… Thank you for the video. I will definitely be checking into this one.

mistadj says:

I just bought a roku and using sling tv. I really want to be able to record shows from sling tv….do I even need roku with this?

TabloTV says:

Thanks for the great review! Please stop by and see us at CES. We’ll be in Eureka Park Booth # 81219.

Caribbean Queen says:

Happy Holidays. Now this is going on my Christmas wish list. Thanks for another awesome video.

Dan Van Malsen says:

You cannot watch Tablo recordings remotely, away from your network unless you’ve “linked it” on the same network first. This is something they plan on changing which I’m looking forward to. Another thing they will be able to do is to allow you to copy the recording over for use elsewhere. In the mean time, CycleJ has created a Tablo Ripper that works very well. Check it out at:

Gary Scalise says:

This is a awesome device. Great review especially all the links provided even your launcher.

nabwank qureshi says:

Is this a sponsor

Peter Carcione says:

How much is the monthly fee? Great video btw.

Gadget Friendly says:

I Spy a Neo U1 in this vid

juan v. says:

So I have Roku, Apple TV and amazon fire stick. Would getting the table allow me to see all the shows altogether or?….

The Life of AWESOME! says:

cool dvr!

Terry Maccarone says:

Can you use Tablo with any Smart TV or do you need either Amazon Fire Stick or Roku?

lepaul26 says:

What does it record ? DVB-T tv ? Or sattelite tv ? But isn’t that encripted ?
Does it have a HDMI input and can it record from that ?

rudolphg76 says:

You CAN show copyrighted material on youtube when reviewing the material or products. It falls under fair use laws.

John Zimm says:

Looks great. What does the gui look like if you choose not to get the subscription?

Jose Balboa says:

Can you watch it through Roku?

John Zimm says:

Looks great. What does the gui look like if you choose not to get the subscription?

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