SiliconDust HDHomeRun Network Dual Digital TV Tuner Review

What a mouthful! This is SiliconDust’s HDHomeRun Network Dual Digital TV Tuner. Think of it as a device with two digital TV tuners that connect to your computer via the network instead of USB. Because of this, it can be shared by other computers in your house! I really want a 2nd one just to lessen a chance of a tuner not being available, but that may be overkill. 🙂 Read my full review on Epinions, and please visit my site at

To check out the web configuration page of the HDHomeRun, check out this video:


The Techie says:

@californiadajatt Yes you can! Windows Media Center allows you to set different sources for different tuners. Tuner 0 can be for OTA, and Tuner 1 can be for basic unencrypted QAM cable. You can then set it up to pull the correct guide and channel listing. Since mine is all OTA, I set it up so that the internal tuners have priority, and to only use the HDHomeRun when both internal ones are already in use. This way, I have a better chance of getting a free tuner on my other PC..

Jamaica Queens says:

Thanks for walking me through<3 love it.

The Techie says:

@LMDNYC82 Yes, I guess that’s a side benefit. 🙂 @gerrafj3 It records on the hard drive. Make sure you set it to record on the largest drive you have.

The Techie says:

@californiadajatt Sure! My HTPC is a Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz cpu, nVidia GF 8500GT (HDMI out with SPDIF from mobo), Hauppage WinTV 2250 tuner, and this tuner. As for drives, I have a 2 TB HDD and a LG BD-ROM. I’m on Win 7 Ult 64-bit, and use WMC with Shark007’s Win7Codecs which allows for playback of almost all media files in WMC.

The Techie says:

Big hard drive and a a dedicated home theater PC running Windows Media Center. Media Center is included free with Windows 7 Home Edition, Professional, and Ultimate. You must purchase it separately for Windows 8 ($10) and you must have the Professional edition.

The Techie says:

SiliconDust does make a cable version of the tuner, but is one I have in the video is specific for getting over-the-air HD channels. If you use Windows Media Center, you’ll have a very nice DVR, too.

LMDNYC82 says:

so this basically makes ur cable channels hd and dvr without paying extra for it?

Clean Toronto says:

Fyi . Works beautifully with Windows 10 also. SiliconDust is still putting out firmware updates all these years later for it.

The Techie says:

@californiadajatt It’s actually quite easy! Windows 7 just detects them all! Seriously! It’s as easy as I made it out to be in this video. I guess one day I will make a “how to” Windows Media Center video.

dyslecix says:

Hey, I have a Cable Box downstairs, I would like to use it with this Network Tuner so I can get HD Channels in my room.. I want to know how you hook this up? is it possible to hook it up with a cable box? I need to be able to have the TV working downstairs with the Tuner plugged into the cable box.. Does this mean i wont be able to watch cable on the tv downstairs if I have this plugged in? Can you help me out?

The Techie says:

@joelang6126 Agreed!

The Techie says:

@californiadajatt Check out my blog and my Epinions review of the HDHomeRun! So what is your set up like?

sam rafeedie says:

Hello GuyTechie,
When you say it is recording, where does it record? if it records on the computer how do you watch what you record on TV, and how could a computer record so many shows or movies. I have wireless 2 laptops with Windows 7, a wireless Wee, and a wireless old PC unused, with XP OS. I have a hi speed modem/router. I would like to replace Dish and Dishnetwork DVR with HDHomeRun & TV antenna. If you can help with a set-up pls send details to gentintexas at g m a i l d o t c o m. tks

Ian Morris says:

it was not made clear to me if the prime supports ATSC when asked if it did the same except having the advantage of 3 tuners instead of 2 he said yes. I think no, the prime will not support ATSC am i correct?

The Techie says:

@3ScreenSolutions It should. If I recall, EyeTV on the iPad streams the video off the Mac that already has a tuner. HDHomeRun does work with the Mac. I haven’t tried it, so you may want to make sure from another source before purchasing one for that purpose.

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