SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO HDHR5-2US Dual Tuner for Cord Cutters Review

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SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO HDHR5-2US 2- Tuner LiveTV for Cord Cutters -INCLUDES- Blucoil 5-Pack Cable Ties

NO MORE CABLE TV SUBSCRIPTIONS OR RENTAL FEES – The SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO HDHR5-2US Tuner receives free Air TV broadcast over the antenna. It allows you to watch Live TV anywhere in your house over an existing wired Ethernet or WIFI connection from the home router.
HIGH-SPEED NETWORK – This unit boasts 100base TX high-speed network with IEEE 802.3u connectivity interface.
WATCH IN DIFFERENT DEVICES – You can now watch your favorite cooking show or basketball game via Smart TV, game consoles, tablets, smartphones, computers, or media streamers.
MULTI-ROOM SEAMLESS VIEWING – You can pause on one device (tablet) and resume on another (smartphone) with the multi-user, multi-device, multi-room Seamless Viewing. And with the HDHomeRun tuner you get simultaneous access to any Live TV.
​INCLUDES – SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO Device, Cat5e cable, Power Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Blucoil 5-Pack Cable Ties.​

Have you thought about cutting the cord and forgetting about cable TV? Make HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO part of your home network.

Receive free to air TV via an antenna allowing you to send glorious high definition content to anywhere in your home over your existing home WiFi, or a wired Ethernet connection from your home router. No more expensive cable TV subscriptions or cable boxes rental fees. You can now easily watch another program in a different room or enjoy football in the yard – whether on Android TV device, phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

What You Need:

Antenna suitable for reception in your area
Coax cable (if not supplied by your antenna manufacturer)
Internet connection (for program guide data)
Home network router or ethernet switch
Computer, DLNA compatible smart TV,
media player or game console


The Connect Duo features 2 tuners and DLNA streaming. It receives free digital broadcasts. HDTV can be broadcast through ethernet connection or WiFi. The Connect Duo makes it possible to watch your favorite shows on tablets and phones.

The Seamless Viewing feature enables users to pause and resume their content with its multi-user, multi-device, and multi-room capabilities.

The Connect Duo is compatible with the HDHomeRun DVR service.

The DVR Reimagined

Record all of your (and their) favorite programs, on your terms.

Your SiliconDust HDHomeRun will be supported by iOS, Android, Windows 10, Desktop, Linux, XBox One, NVIDIA Shield, and Amazon Fire TV. Installing the HDHomeRun App is simple on these supported devices:

Windows (32bit & 64bit), Mac OS X (10.8 and higher), iPhone/iPad (10.3.3 and higher), Android (4.4.2 and higher), FireTV (Amazon), and the Xbox One. Other options: DLNA/UPNP media devices such as Playstation (3 & 4) and DLNA TV.

The HDHomeRun App and DVR Serv

Simply put, the HDHomeRun App is a software that works with your playback and network storage devices adding the ability to watch, schedule and record Live TV.

At it’s most basic, viewing Live over the air TV around your home on multiple devices has never been easier or as cost effective than with HDHomeRun tuners and DVR. Equally simple to setup is our full DVR service enabling you to schedule whole series recordings. Our DVR solution allows you to search by category, so why not record the whole series of your kids’ favourite shows and keep them entertained for hours and you can use your NAS drive to record to so they can watch on any compatible smart device around your home. Or why not catch up on your favorite shows or those not to miss ‘must win’ sporting events by setting it to record all the games only your team play.

Expandability and flexibility are key – it can be as simple as a laptop or as expansive as a multi-client, multi-NAS, multi-tuner masterpiece…install the app and you are up and running. Give it a few recording tasks and it goes to work. TV viewing on your terms with HDHomeRun DVR.


J C says:

This is exactly what I’m looking for. Any monthly service fees or just one time purchase of the hardware? I do have that gigantic antenna in the attic so I’m going to try this out.

Jacksons Inflatable Channel says:


Richard Lewis says:

Great review I just ordered one through your amazon link going to hook it up via Plex

Ray Shirley says:

I have owned the Duo for about a month and it works great! I purchased the Channels App for both the Apple TV 4 and the Ipad version. I am testing out the $8.00 a month subscription to the dvr service. Also, if you can use Plex to watch live tv and if you are a Plex Pass subscriber, you get the Plex dvr service. My only grip (and why I am trying out the Channels DVR service) is that the HomeRun HD service and the Plex DVR service do not offer a standard grid guide. I have read that Plex is working on getting one.

Wildstyle 713 says:

what is the length of the antenna cord?

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