Review: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 850 USB TV Tuner

Just what the title says! Enjoy!


joostmee says:

Use an extension cable, will save you from snapping it’s neck. Thanks for the review!

Mr,Casino says:

YEAHHH do you have to HAVVEE thee INTERNET just to CATCH by WATCHING tv on your computer hmm?

saxman112 says:

@jazzmenloria01 I think it will. There should be a special accessory from Hauppauge that can hook up to a micro-USB looking port on the tuner. If you need any more help, you can just look on their support website or some forums.

jazzmenloria01 says:

@saxman112 thanks! im glad you told me cause i was gonna pic this up from frys for like $59.99, now that i know its not the right one i need, i can get the other one!

GoUigi says:

Thank you. I googled it and apparently, it can be converted to .avi directly in Windows Movie Maker. And from there can be converted to any other format that .avi can be converted to. Once again, thank you very much.

saxman112 says:

@Striker2477 The tuner works on your computer with Windows Media Center. Media Center knows how to interpret the TV signal (whether it would be over-the-air via an antenna or analog cable) from the tuner and will display it on whatever type of display you have. For ASTC digital TV over an antenna, I’ve been very impressed thus far. The picture quality is amazing. In case you’re wondering, you can output your live TV broadcast to an actual TV as well with either HDMI or an equivalent output.

Myles Prower says:

Thank you! This is exactly what I want to know. Going to buy one now.

saxman112 says:

@1915armeniangenocide I don’t think so. I think this is intended solely for computers. Good question, though.

saxman112 says:

@1915armeniangenocide I don’t think so. I think this is intended solely for computers. Good question, though.

Christopher Jones says:

hey man did you happen to make a video of how to set it up with tv cable? the coaxial cable.. I’m now using WinTV v8, was using v7 on windows 8.1 which worked.. but now I’m using win 10 and doesn’t seem to be scanning the cable channels. I hooked up the antenna and was able to get 11 air channels but that’s garbage and worthless since no one watches shows on those channels except for my grandmother. Any idea how to set it up properly to scan the cable channels?

saxman112 says:

No, you do not, but I highly recommend you do use it as it is more intuitive than Hauppauge’s included software.

saxman112 says:

@jazzmenloria01 This one will only work with an over-the-air or analog cable signal. If you want to record and watch TV using your setup (DirecTV), your best bet would be to go with the WinTV-HVR-950Q.

saxman112 says:

@vraeleragon92 Yes, you can. And you can also hook your computer up to the TV so you don’t have to rely on a separate monitor.

saxman112 says:

That depends on the size of your hard drive. With this tuner, it’s only a single tuner, so therefore, you can only record 1 show at a time.

saxman112 says:

Yes and no. Yes, you do need the Internet for keeping the guide in Windows Media Center up to date, but for just watching TV, no you do not, it just works through your antenna or cable connection through the tuner.

jazzmenloria01 says:

@saxman112 im thinking about getting one of these! cause i wanna record tv to my pc…but i have cable(directv) so will i be able to record programs like stuff from mtv/vh1/tbs/ cable networks and etc…with this? or does this only give you locals????

saxman112 says:

@1915armeniangenocide I don’t think so. I think this is intended solely for computers. Good question, though.

warmon6 says:

working on tv with a usb port, most likely no (unless tv/usb tuner says other wise). Although if you have a computer with a video port that matches one of the tv ports (HDMI, vga, S-video, ect.), you could extend or mirror the monitor too the tv to display the content from the usb tuner. That’ll achieve the same effect as hooking a tuner up to the tv.

brandontx1 says:

i’m a long time user of various tv tuner cards, until recently had to switch over to windows 7 and now getting fed up with Hauppauge POS. due to the fact that their software is very much mediocre, can’t adjust hue on WinTV 7, go figure. it is just plain dumb.
i’ve had several issues with Hauppauge products through out time, but this latest one is just despicable.
the only reason that i’m sticking to it is the Hauppauge name, its just sounds so cool, but they’re gradually tarnishing it.

saxman112 says:

I don’t think so, as this model only supports the NTSC and ATSC standards, which are only available in North America and Central America, most of South America, as well as a few countries in Asia and the Pacific.

natapopov says:

Do you know if it works at any country that has “open channels” broadcasting?

anaheimdennis says:

Great video Dan and you showed many of the features which I liked because I want to buy one of these tuners also. I just wished you showed some of the digital stations because that is what I’m going to use it for most of the time. I suspect that it looks very good when connected to a cable box. Thanks again.

gacastrilloo2 says:

do you need internet to use this? if so how much bandwidth does it use with HD TV?

saxman112 says:

Thanks for the clarification.

John Branham says:

Hey Dan I know you posted this over 2 years ago but I was wondering how many hours of can you record and also can you record more than one channel at a time.

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