Over the Air Tuner for the U.S. and Canada

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, and Harrison Hoffman, Program Manager, TV & Entertainment for Xbox, showcase over-the-air TV for Xbox One owners in the U.S. and Canada using the Hauppauge 955Q TV tuner http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_hvr955q.html.

For more information on which channels you may receive and which antenna is right for you, go to http://gomohu.com/xbox. For additional information on how to set up your TV tuner with Xbox One, go to Xbox Support at http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/accessories/over-the-air-tv or the Xbox preview program forums.


Willie sam says:

Wallpaper (?

killerms2221 says:

Goodbye xfinity! Hello Hauppauge! 😀

alloutloljohn says:

The audio on this video annoyed me.

Brandon Tate says:

I purchased the WinTV tuner and tried setting up but my Xbox is telling that my region does not support the tuner! It is the exact same tuner mentioned in the video! I assumed that this feature has already went in to affect as it has already been a month since this video but if I am ahead of the curve then someone please let me know! Microsoft is always vague about dates…

Paid Shill says:

can any tv tuner thing work? is there a cheaper option than to get that official one?

Wayne says:

It’s all about the benefits!


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sith lord says:

will this work on my cable splitter?

Colton Blumhagen says:

Anybody know how I can find out if their is OTA channels in my area in Canada?

Austin S. says:

with this work with my cable signal from my cable provider?

Morning Glory95 says:

So we can’t stream tv to our PC/Surface if We’re just porting TV from our Set-top Box? I have a Tivo and I just forward my TV from the TiVO to the XboX via HDMI.

What would also be really nice is if we could record stuff and store it to an External Drive. Then we’d have an actual Windows Media Center Replacement.

Peter Keefe says:

Does this work for cable jacks in the wall?

SilverWolf says:

Why does mine not work?!

Anthony Bardalo says:

What options would I have as to watching say a Warriors home game?

WoWGamerGirl35 says:

I have Xbox live does that mean I am a premium member?

SEspider says:

I have suddenlink cable. But I don’t have a cable box in my room so I use coaxe cable to watch it.

I just bought this adapter and it can’t find any of the 50+ channels?!?!?!

Dylan Pascua says:

Will this also work for other DTV standards (DVB-T/2, ISDB-T, DTMB) if I use a tuner for these standards?

Aaron Aguirre says:

XBOX do you know if this is compatible with the cable jack from the wall?

vancian1970 says:

Does anyone know if you can use the Xbox One Digital Tuner instead of the Hauppauge Digital Tuner?

Gavin Greenwalt says:

Why limit to 30 minutes? Unlock full DVR capability!  I’m only using like 60GB of my HDD right now.

Scot Siegman says:

Wow I get two channels in Tampa FL #fail! Guess I’ll pass on this one :/

qnal96 says:

Does this require an Xbox Live GOLD membership?

Edwin Gomez says:

can i plug in my cable line in to this device?

Miguel Loza says:

I recently bought a Vizio that does not have a tv tuner. Can I use this adapter to connect an antenna?

Chewster84 says:

This will be awesome wants it gets out to the Xbox One non-preview members.

chris Anderson says:

I’ll get an Xbox now for sure

Fromp4 says:

Can you use the streaming feature to watch NFL games on a phone? Because usually NFL games are blocked on all phones unless you have NFL mobile. Does this apply for that?

NewbZilla says:

Oh Microsoft how you almost get it right everytime. A tuner is great, but without the ability to record it’s no different than the wire already plugged into the TV. Is it really worth $100 to “pause” ?

OCG says:

So is this coming to Australia at all

cornishchris 69420 says:

wow, I live in Kelowna in Canada and I get the CW, Fox, PBS, CBS, ABC and NBC from Seattle via cable

trizanzor says:

I’m using the Mohu antenna on my HTPC and it’s really amazing. I can get at least 60 channels in my area. My HTPC has a different tuner which is the HD Homerun extend and watch the the channel guide on the windows media center where I can record and stream on different devices. I salute Microsoft for giving the Xbox one users the option to watch TV on their gaming consoles.

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