NooElec NESDR Mini SDR & DVB-T USB Stick (Model R820T) Review

The NooElec NESDR Mini SDR & DVB-T USB Stick (Model R820T) is an amazing little USB Software Defined Radio device I picked up off of Amazon just a few weeks back. With this and some software, you are able to tune and listen to everything from air traffic control frequencies to your favorite radio station. (HF is possible, but you would need an upconverter). For the price, this is a definite buy if you are looking for a new, cheap hobby.

What comes with the R820T? You get an antenna and a remote, which I have found 0 uses for currently.

R820T Features
-Full compatibility with a large array of software packages, such as MATLAB®, HDSDR, SDR Touch, SDR#, Planeplotter
-Frequency capability of approximately 25MHz-1750MHz
-Female MCX on the USB Stick, Male MCX on the antenna. (You can buy adapters for other plugs such as SMA)

If you would like to purchase one of these, try either of these links.

For a video on how to install the software for the dongle, click here.


Benjamin Martin says:

i just bought one like this..but i cant receive anything?
i am a newbie

Dumb dumb ass says:

can I programm the Transmitter To an other frequenz??
Thanx For answears

Josh Escobar says:

you can listen to 25 MHz to 1750 MHz?,
what about Khz?

Anton Markov says:

can this go up to 2.4ghz

Xl Xl says:

I bought it but unfortunately only works a few TV channels else.hi for macedonia

TheSeptemberone says:

what software do you use? I downloaded sdr console and im having some trouble! thanks!

Mashmellow Gaming says:

can it be used with different tv antenna?

da man says:

Why not just buy a am fm radio? What do you gain? To bad couldn’t get the, that would be a different story!

Mark D. says:

I need help installing software

Gary J says:

godo video will you do one on using with for HF? (my main interest) SWL and what about trunked police, fire etc? just throwing some stuff out there thanks

john onken says:

Need help, as a ham operator, to install on my Mac Air & Mac Mini, the NooElec mini USB doggle to view SDR activity, appreciate!!!

Niaz Ahmed says:

Nice demonstration. BTW, How did you get the software work ?

SDRplay Software Defined Radio Receiver says:

HamRadio Science just recommended the NooElec SDR and SDRplay SDRs as best in class 🙂 See

Richard Buxton says:

I have one here in the UK – I can receive ADSB from passing aircraft but have no idea how to get radio – I have installed SDR Console V2.3 but have no idea at all how to operate it.

Dr.LAL LAL says:

Great demo….when can we all see your tutorial video ? Thanks !

shlomi 000000 says:

Same as 10$ unit that come with cd software and driver for TV.
If you wont to watch tv dont install the zadig driver it will brake the connection
and you dont be able to serch tv station

KC7ZXY says:

Good video, man. Very informative and your speaking style is nice a clear. Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep making videos!

Francisco Jeremias says:

I have to many rf noice in my speakers.

pitt arab says:

how to check and se if  its legal to own a device like this in the contry we living dud?

92fsoakcreek says:

Im very interested in how you set up an ADS-B and plot aircraft. 

Im working on a Raspberry pi 2 B and am slowly getting it up to receiving ADSB signals and sharing data to a tablet running a charting program.

thanks for the good work.

MKme Lab says:

Turn down the contrast and the waterfall becomes much more useful 😉

سعيد النظيري says:

Weldon from wear can download the software for windows 7 place?

Bruce Gilson says:

will this work with windows xp

goog le24 says:

what this for

Muhammad Asim Habib says:

hope sir u r fine and enjoying life. I ask one question from you if you dont mind it.the question can be ellaborated below. Sir how you get the software of DVB FM in which Frequency diagram can be seen. From where u can download it. kindly help me about.
thanks and oblige !!!!!

Russell Farrell says:

could you let me know all the settings on the screen. I own one and got it working but now I cant pick up much at all so settings must be important. thanks Russ  ve3ell

bradyhandel03 says:

what software did you use to listen to the NOAA weather radio?

Col. Richard Hunter says:


snapper mower man says:

where is the driver

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