How to use the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Hi, this video show you how to setup and use the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner to watch HD Freeview. It also allows you to pause Live TV and rewind and fast forward up to 30 minutes. You can also use Cortana voice control to change channel and pause etc.. If you have other Windows 10 devices in your property then you can stream TV to other laptops and computers via the Xbox Windows 10 streaming App.
Hope you enjoy the video.
Many thanks Vince


Cj Wagner says:

Can two people watch at same time… for example one person up stairs streaming and one person down stairs on xbox?

McRascal89 says:

under £9 on amazon now

Gameplay King says:

great video very informative

Luv Bird says:

I bought a regular antenna but it won’t let me hook it up from Xbox one. where can I get an Xbox one digital tuner?

paul weir says:

Ten pound on amozan got in a day granger games boxing day ten pounds website Argos 25 Curry’s 20 picture better than built in TV tuner

Adel Mandani says:

Thank you

ER A says:

This tuner doesn’t work on us Xbox one need a adapter

James McGregor says:

Is there any unofficial aps I can get on the store that utilise the tuner so I can record to an external hdd? I’m getting the Xbox One X on launch and want to sell my Samsung Bluray player/recorder as it doesn’t support 4k content or movies

Gerard Rig says:

The Antenna Terminal is call PAL

K Mohammed says:

Thanks for how to do the tv but if it not work wat ido

rudeboydandy says:

Does this work with a Firestick?

Fury Plays says:

Quick question, I’m looking at replacing my tv with a 4k monitor (not a tv), would running an the antenna cable through the tuner to the xbox still allow me to watch freeview? or are there requirements only a tv can provide?

ghostrida86 says:

you have to have an antenna for this to work

Yatty Yat says:

haitch lol

ARW Fergie says:

it’s a good idea forms product but yea a splitter is a good idea, we have our TV almost days on end and I’d worry about the Xbox over heating so the splitter give that he option of having the Xbox as an option but not necessarily the only option once u connect this

Sexy Buffalo Wing says:

Thanks mate, great video. This was super helpful. No doubt am I going to subscribe.

westin hilyar says:


JaydenRidley7 Gaming And More says:

I am Australia

John Devil says:

dear vince! do we require a dish for this? or we have to connect our satellite box to dish too?

Epic gamingwolf says:

Just get shaw direct satellite it does everything and records shows and movie

MP Gavin says:

what HD channels to u get do u get E4 HD ?????

David Chan says:

Hi Vince, does this tuner only work with the Xbox One? I’m looking for a USB tuner that works with my Android TV device.

Wayne says:

I prefer using the Kinect for cortana

Steve Tildesley says:

Is there a way to set a programme reminder?

MrBluemoonhalos says:

Will this still work if the wifi is down?

Uchiha says:

2 questions I have for you. First, to stream the one guide to your laptop, does your xbox have to be on at the same time to use it? Second, I plan on getting Charter this weekend and I was wondering about the cable box. If I can connect my live tv to my xbox do I even need the cable box next to my xbox or can I leave the cable box in another room? Thank you in advance!

Karl Nelson says:

Ps3 play tv beats the shit out of this

Giselle Kasper says:

i don’t have TV signal in my house, i thought this would allow me to watch tv, but i guess not, right?

Andrew Yarwood says:

whats the point of it i would imagine the xbox is being played on a tv save your pennies

Danthers14 Ds14 says:

Trump me la pela junto con tigo prro

K Crawford says:

hi vince keep up the good videos youve helped me do alot in my home ,i was wondering can you use a cat 6 cable for a phone line in the house i mean the one that goes into the master socker, would this make any sort of diffrence, any help would be great thanks#


Flyboy Guru says:

When looking and searching for channels, does it show t he signal strengths?

Lewis/Nathan vlogs Bro says:

Hi my mate vinc

Mason Grob says:

Vince, if you have too much signals of the xbox and tv, what do you record with?

TheKeithvidz says:

xbo – just does everything.
Posted on my birthday too.
Vince, is cortana able to control the laptop?

Brandy Smart says:

I wish he would say Cool Whip a few times…….lol

Ethan McMillan says:

Vince always has a tutorial on the things i need at the right time, awesome video thanks very much.


I think to do time shifting on the XBOX ONE you need a 5TB hard-drive but I don’t think XBOX ONE supports drives bigger than 1TB.

Kevin Bhasi says:

of course you can also watch TV by connecting a cable or satellite box to the HDMI in and connect an IR transmitter

ghostrida86 says:

you have to have an antenna for this to work

tony cook says:

can i just buy the tuner and plug it a large computer monitor? thanks

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