How To Beat Comcast Fees: My Current TV Cord Cutting / Cord Shaving Setup (2017 / 2018)

Buy it all here: (affiliate link) – In this video I detail every component I’m using to cut Comcast and cable television fees. This also works as a cord cutting solution! See all related videos here: and subscribe! – Index below:

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My most recent series on cord cutting /DVR:

EVERYTHING I’ve done on the topic:

02:13 – HDHomerun tuners
03:26 – HDHomerun Prime and Cablecard
04:15 – DRM issues
05:00 – Live TV watching
05:18 – HDhomerun over the air tuners
06:09 – HDhomerun setup process
06:36 – Cost savings
07:06 – Nvidia Shield TV
08:44 – Watching TV through the HDHomerun App
09:56 – Getting a traditional channel grid
10:55 – HDHomerun DVR
12:02 – DVR service cost
12:14 – DVR server options
13:13 – Nvidia Shield TV as a DVR server
13:50 – Watching live TV and DVR recordings outside the home
15:15 – Free DVR options
16:16 – Home network options: wired vs. wireless
17:11 – MOCA as a network extender
19:14 – Lower cost hardware options
20:09 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This ended up being much longer than I thought but I wanted to have a single video that shows how every component works. I have a lot more detail in the additional videos linked in the playlist above.

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D Jaquith says:

*Cable Companies .. hate TV and Phone, but love being your ISP.* This is NOT Cable-Cutting at all, it’s the opposite. If anything it’s Box-Switching. Even Cable-Cutting isn’t cutting anything when you keep their ISP-Cable. Real Cable-Cutting includes OTA only with NO cables to your home.

Your Cable Company makes basically nothing from TV and Phone services, the majority of their income is from being your ISP. In fact most cable companies can’t wait to get out of the TV and Phone business .. soon isn’t soon enough for them.

Lundberg Malone says:

We tried the antenna in the window to get local but because there is a large apartment building in the way we could not get much. The only TV we can get in our condo complex is Comcast which we pay a lot of money for. I am not really that smart about all the different you talk about. But being senior citizens we don’t have that money to spend for so many channels that we will never watch. Need to find someone local who understands how all this works and how to hook them up.

Mr 1 FMD says:

Do you have to have a PC on 24/7 with silicon dust products?

A PP says:

Dude, cable companies hate you…watch your back…

Glenn Selby says:

Lon, you have been my main source of cord cutting/shaving info and I wanted to say Thank You. Based on everything I’ve learned from you, I am now saving $70 per month. Here’s my current set up:

– 4 TVs in the house; 2 Roku (Family room and my bedroom), 1 PS4 (my son’s room), and 1 NVIDIA Shield (home office, very light TV use. Also my Plex Media Server)
– HD Homerun Prime with a basic Spectrum TV Silver package; includes some premium channels I’m not getting becasue of DRM (insert sad face). I use the Spectrum app on Roku to view premium channles live or use the on-demand feature.
– WD My Cloud NAS for my DVR recordings and media storage
– SideClick for my Family Room TV Rokue remote to reduce my 3 remotes down to 1; the wife loves that!

So far so good. The only down sides have been no DRM channels via Plex of Homerun as well as a little buffering on my bedroom Roku TV as it is WiFi, and that’s only when my kids are watching TV either in the Family room or on my son’s PS4 (also WiFi) at the same time. My DVR recordings seem to playback with no trouble since my Shield update. I was getting some audi/no video recordings before. And the DVDs I have “stored” on the WD My Cloud seems to play back just fine as well.

Thanks again Lon!

Julian Thompson says:

I just got the Nvidia shield. It’s the only reliable Android TV device that supports 4K HDR for both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, along with google home voice command connectivity. I have it paired with a 50 MB connection and YoutubeTV as my cable service. It’s a great setup and my ongoing costs per month total $70….that’s $40 for YoutubeTV and $30 for internet.

paul w says:

can you show off youtube tv app, tv service on nvidia shield

TysonPitt says:

Lon can you help with this? I am a little confused on how to make the below work since my Verizon fios TV and Internet would be separated at the ONT. The goal is to have super fast wired and wifi internet with no slow downs because of hardware. While also providing Verizon Fios tv to three tv,s with a guide. All without using any Verizon gear.

1. Provider is Verizon Fios TV & Internet
2. I want to get rid of Verizon set top boxes and Verizon router and use my own gear
3. So, the Ethernet port is going to be activated at the ONT
4. I need wired Ethernet for tv guide at 3 tv’s, 3 desktops, PS4 and Wii U. Wifi for 2 laptops, 3 iPads and 3 phones
4. House is wired for Ethernet & coax: 2 Ethernet + 2 coax over garage, 2 Ethernet + 1 coax bedroom 1, 2 Ethernet + 1 coax bedroom 2, 1 Ethernet + 1 coax bedroom 3, 2 Ethernet kitchen, 6 Ethernet + 2 coax family room.
5. All Ethernet and coax terminate in hall closet where I would like to keep all gear.

At the moment I only have the Netgear 24 port gigabit smart managed plus switch JGS524PE. Besides a router, android devices at each tv and a HD Homerun Prime, what else do I possibly need or do not need. What is the connection order from the ONT? Do I need the moca device?

Jerome Burks says:

so thanks for doing this man I’m going to be doing the same thing once I move by the end of the year looking forward to trying this stuff out keep up the great work

Dante Rivera says:

Hi, do i need to setup multicast in my network? basically we want to use it at the office via wireless.

Jack T says:

Which TV can I use HDHomeRun Prime that will act like a regular TV? I’m not talking about boxes in the middle like nVidia Shield. I’m talking about having the TV work the same as with OTA where it can just scan and use the HDHomeRun Prime as though it were OTA and just use the TV’s remote to watch TV.

Bryan Blanks says:

Boxxmen TV Kingpin TV Freestream TV Set TV All better than anything you are talking about!!!! Cord Cutting!!

stormgamer48 says:

Way not just sign up for sling or ps vue or youtube tv all are super cheap and come with DVR seems like it would be a lot easier

randomsup3r says:

Using wifi network will just add another point of failure. Just get indoor/outdoor antenna for each TV.

dutchkel says:

Can you sideload that live tv app to a fire tv?

Ricky C says:

good stuff buddy

Baldeep Birak says:

Internet TV and catch up is a great solution too. In the UK you just need a TV license. The rest works with Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and so on. This gives good info into sharing TV around the home and out the home.

mkburnett62 says:

So , to recap-WD Mycloud, HDHomerun, an NVidia Shield?

Tech+Guns says:

I wish there was a cheaper alternative to the shield that worked well with the HDHomerun Prime.

What's Papa doing now? says:

Lon I currently have SD HDHomerun Prime and am using WMC. I want to retire WMC and go with the HDHomerun viewer. In the beginning I just want to watch live TV. Do I need a server/client setup for this or will multiple clients on various devices running the HDHomerun software find, tune, and play live TV independently?

Daniel Puig says:

Lon, I have a hard time following you when you jump from one box that I never heard of to another one that I never heard of. I need a little more detail on these new boxes in order to comprehend what they really do.

Jose Ocasio says:

I find it difficult to change the channels without a Logitech universal type remote or a keyboard. I do miss my cable companies remote. Do you recommend a good universal remote for me to use?

Dennis Nasrawi says:

I currently have a Drobo 5N2 connected to my network. Will HD HomeRun work with this network server?

Mark Newton says:

Lon… Love the reviews… if i get the WD NAS storage device – is there any benefit in getting the Nvidia PRO or should i save the money ? I want to setup 2 TVs and network everything with the WD using PLEX… I currently have 2 Fire TVs and use them for only Netflix and some streaming, looking to dump Directv and go with this setup… if i run everything on 1 Nvidia on my main TV could i use the Fire TV on the second TV to watch the recordings etc?
whats my best play? don’t mind spending some money, but it would be nice to save a little up front and then add on more components – i would try wireless and if that does not work well i could add the MOCAs
what are your thoughts?

Casey says:

Hey Lon, first love this series. It was the original inspiration for my setup as well. Curious, are you able to successfully play 4k rips of your blue ray movies with the WD mycloud and the nvidia shield?

Thanks, keep up the great work

Carroll says:

ISMH on OTA HDTV… If in a SFH then try a Home HDTV you install on the roof and powered for longer coverage.. How about PSVue and YouTube TV, I use a Powered HDTV Antenna for Local channels a secondary HD channels they have these days… Free TV with no Boxes. I can’t use FiOS HD as I had and had to go no Cable or Fiber service at the moment… I save a lot! I have HBO, SHO & Cinemax on PSVue and mobile apps on Google Play… Sign in with your PSVue credentials for ESPN +. Not so with others? Sony!


Cord cutting…with a lawn-mower? 🙂 How many of you have a Comcast cable line lying in your yard un-buried after months of paying for service? They finally buried mine after I discontinued service.

Tech Geek says:

Why will I buy this home Run game ? I can watch xfinity stream in windows chrome book, waiting for linux support. For me it cost 200.00 bucks or less to built a cheap computer and watch xfinity streaming on TV. Home Run Pizza is not going to fly dude.

FiscalRangersFlorida says:

Interesting topic, but so many products and features I cannot keep track of them. Best Buy is having a sale on these but this topic is excessively complex. You need a matrix decision making chart we can look at to see the choices for visual learners, then go to a link where you cover that one item. I am also confused about the “DVR” – is that a hard product or software. Not explained. Learning this way (verbal, serial topics) is not working for me.

s1dguy says:

Great videos … keep them coming!!!

Jeff Cameron says:

What’s your thoughts on the TiVo products?

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