HDHomeRun Extend TV TUNER Review & Install WIFI TV Vid 1305

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Larry Massa says:

That is awesome!   You are one crafty SOB!   Thanks for the info.

Howard1939 says:

Would one of those work on an ATT U-Verse network to view on Smartphone?
My problem is I’m living in sister’s home & I on occasion want to watch a program that conflicts with her schedule, I also have a Windows 7 PC running on the same ATT connection.. ???

John Ives says:


klc317 says:

Thats pretty slick. I’ll have to look into it.

Mr Scott says:

Nice review John.. I heard about it..but never looked into it. Thanks for that run down.

yves fleche says:

toujours intéressant

Paul Courtemanche says:

I need to look into something. Dish is getting expensive, and Comcast is even more. Will I need a antenna to get local channels?

jimbob336336 says:

Hi Jade and John, i see you can get YouTube on your big tv and you like Bob Marley, have you heard of a Birmingham Reggie group called UB40 if not here is a link https://youtu.be/C9oOqjIlCiw tell me what you think.

linda remillard says:

Have been following your guys for a while. Notice your notice your not posting on YouTube videos as much as you were.Miss your videos being more often.

1alazydaisy says:

how would you know if your cable/satellite is encrypted or not?

Jeff Alfresco says:

Hey jon thats a cool set up, for sure.
Is it a secure wifi signal from the box to your devices? Atb

Jeff Alfresco says:

Have you left Jade outside clearing that boardwalk? while you sort out the technical stuff with the electricals and a cold beer? Good man, well done.

Luis Ribeiro says:

Can you see at the same time how many devices?

Airtazz Nunya says:

You get those stations from over the air?

Lacey Craft says:

Thanks for the video. Is your setup still running? I was wondering if I could use NextPVR installed on Rasp Pi instead of PC. I want live TV/DVR capability without any subscription fees. I would definitely have a NAS device attached and prob going to use the HD Homerun Extend to pick up OTA channels. I want to run all media with an Xbox One X as the interface and stream to other devices attached to my Wi-Fi. Is any of this possible?

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