EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Review

Elgato Systems 10020974 EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Stick for Analog, HDTV and FM Radio Reception

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link: http://www.amazon.com/Elgato-Systems-10020974-Hybrid-Reception/dp/B001QCYHXM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1261858811&sr=1-1

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ls1z28chris says:

A demo! Good video.

TheLonelyHunteR says:

Can it work on pc?

VikefanTony says:

I quit watching when I saw the packers tee shirt.

Nick1814 says:

nice review. just ordered one to use on my imac. i’m hoping the hd channels looks great on the 27 inches of magic.

WhyHighBlue says:

@tommyvigorita I think so

DJAJ101 says:

No, you can use free over the air TV as long as you have an antenna.

dukens55 says:

shrek 🙂

fayyazb says:

Thanks! Good review and Great Intro Logo! How did you make that? 🙂

umm yeahh says:

can you use it to play video games with a console?

pedizzle77 says:

go pack

DJAJ101 says:

Sure, as long as it’s over the composite input connection.

Albin Sahovic says:

nice intro 😀

Blowfly90 says:

Loving the Packers T-shirt 🙂 Thanks for the good overview.

anti zionist says:

1. Audio very low
2. did not show how it connects physically to computer

trappinglight says:

@tommyvigorita yes it can… no HDMI though

DJAJ101 says:

I believe it only works with cable, since I used to have dish network and I needed a satellite box for every TV I wanted dish network on. So you would need a box hooked up for the tuner to work with dish network.

DJAJ101 says:

@exonerator It’s the Acer X223Wbd. Thanks for watching!

Regginald Williams says:

Is there an install video. I’m using Directv. Thanks.

John Thomas Vigorita says:

does this work for xbox 360 to your mac

cowboysfanzz77 says:

I can’t get my dish network to work with this but over the air works fine. Any ideas?

drewberz says:

hated this product. xbox 360 / ps2 quality is terrible. and the unit overheats like a motherfucker

JD FILMS says:

My friend I have the same as yours but I’m so confused how you connect your cable to Eye Tv Hybrid so you can see all the channels on the mac computer the only thing i do is I put the composite device but nothing happen is said no signal

feubarkada says:

do you need to have a TV provider to use the TV tuner?

XxTKTBeastxX says:

Check out my video on this

IrZeCareBear says:

Pretty nice video, probably not gonna buy it but this was a good review.

mxirca says:

DVB (digital video broadcast), -C (cable), -T(terrestrial), -S(satelite) 🙂

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