Elgato EyeTV DTT Tuner Review


A video review of the Elgato EyeTV DTT TV Tuner for the Mac and PC.


tomitofazzio says:

which mac os x version are you running? tiger?

Owain Ulyet says:

lol all the Irish channels are weird lol. You don’t have BBC, channel 4, ITV, FIVE. Also you would need to pay a TV license to watch BBC if you came to the UK other wise it would be illegal. Do you get any UK channels in Ireland?

TalesOfWar says:

@MyNameIsOwain I’m sure they get some signal overlap. I know a few people on the continent as far away as Norway who can pick up BBC 1 for example, or at least could. They may scramble it unless it’s decoded on a UK registered digibox/TV. Not really asked them if they can still get it since they shut off the analogue signal back in 2009 lol.

SuperMytest says:

First – no thanks to youtube subscriptions. Happened to see it on Facebook…

tomitofazzio says:

@gmaster45612374 but that wallpaper is common from tiger

chessdude67 says:

This video came in today, the 23rd! Wow! Nice to see it on the day you uploaded it, lol!

Thumbs up!

Tim 


Only good if you’re using it with a mac mini that you use as a home theater or else the iPhone app if you’re going to leave your mac on all day so you can watch it while you’re out via 3G. Don’t ask me why you’d be outside watching TV outside 😉

chris holland says:

i really like the video good work

tomwest666 says:

@tomitofazzio loin. who the fuck runs tiger anymore you fucking idiot.

Ben Sant says:


globalman says:

Personally I have used this for more than 1 year now here in Germany. First in Cologne then in Berlin at home and on the way. It functions excellently. Maybe it has to do with UK vs. German tech or satellites??? I even used their antenna without the stick for my LCD tele and received about 30 channels plus radio as on the Macbook. I use the magnet and stick it anywhere and it works with few exceptions. My only concern…..did this have anything to do with the premature death of my Battery???

tomwest666 says:

@tomitofazzio not youtube tech reviewers

globalman says:

I was told it works in the USA when I bought it in Germany a few years ago. But it doesn’t and now that I am here in the bloody USA I have read it doesn’t work in North America. One more example of America unfriendliness to the outside world. So much for the global market.
It worked well in Germany, actually received 31 stations plus radio stations. Worked well in Switzerland. Worked in Netherlands although the KPN cable company is american influenced big brother control has corporate power over this device and only permits 4 channels. The dozens of others were blocked demanding cable payment. Reception was mostly good everywhere.

Skellist says:

@jordler he was recording this review at night time so if what you say is true, his signal would be even poorer in the day time. (I know it’s the night time from the programs on RTÉ.

bandanajack says:

s there a US equivalent?

TacticalDesire says:

@tomitofazzio Thats obviously snow leopard.

randomrazr says:

to bad north americans cant use it, we slagged all our analog tv signals lol

TacticalDesire says:

@tomitofazzio Snow leapard comes with lots of wallpapers, that particular one just happens to look like the one that comes with tiger

247ReviewLiker100 says:

You Missed my TV Show!

globalman says:

Ps…if you click on the channel number at the avatar controller you may find the 7………. I have several channels that don’t show up on the program guide but are on the list at the controller. One is Eurosport. I don’t pay any fee…. it was 50+€ here. A slightly more expensive version one can watch one channel and record another. It works infinitely better than my vodafone TV Center for Tele.

TheMoon4567 says:

something I want to point out dave, ‘el gato’ is spanish for ‘the cat’ just thought you might have wanted to know, also, nice vid 🙂

Ron Shalita says:

can you send stuff you recorded to youtube? thanks in advance … Ron

exnaruto1 says:

Yes! Great review

TMind says:

Damn… i think i gonna buy that. for ppl like me who is AWAYYYYYYYYY from the tv is awesome xD

tomitofazzio says:

@tomwest666 calm down bitch, there’s people that don’t like to upgrade

SuperMytest says:


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