ATSC Digital TV Tuner for Android Phones Review

A little review I made for this adapter for android phones. It allows you to watch free over the air TV in the United States. Your phone MUST have USB-to-go feature in order for this device to work. As mentioned in my video, there are two versions of this device. I would ask the seller before purchasing to see if it uses the Pad TV app or the ATSC app. The on that uses the Pad TV app works on more phones than the other. Here is a link


Miguel Calderon says:

But if I in canada how I can research channel example if I in toronto or vancouver if I cbc or ctv

Robert Greenhouse says:

How many channels do you get on your phone and TV with antenna on both? Can the phone be tuned in to get the channel better?

Feroz Khan says:

Does it need mobile data to work or its work without Internet

daneal virgo says:

i just went ahead and bought this instead of the 15 dollar one because of your review don’t let me down 🙂

Bill Gaydon says:

Hey Tyler, thanks for the post! Been thinking about getting something like this for my Nexus 7 2013. It does have OTG capability so looks like this should work. My device has no cell connection, so this would come on handy. Ever try it on a bus or local train…car? Just curious. Thanks from Badger country/Madison WI!

Jm Lim says:

Hi!  Is there a map that can tell you what the closest relay stations to where you are?  For instance, if you plan to use your device in northern NJ (part of the NY market and about 20 miles away), will the aerial/antenna provided by the supplier work?

Feroz Khan says:

Does it need to work

ChillCosmos says:

The quality pretty much doesn’t apply here. All the device does is takes the broadcast stream and directly displays it on the screen or/and saves it without doing any re-converting at all. With the older analog TV sticks back in the day, those had to be converted to digital and ran hot (didn’t make sense to use them on laptops at the time as they would kill the battery fast).

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