AluraTek Digital TV Converter Box with Digital Video Recorder

In this video I review and unbox and setup the Alura Tek ATSC over the air tv tuner. I got this thing at Walmart Canada!

Cut the cord with your mainstream cable provider and switch to the Aluratek Digital TV Converter Box. ADTB01F allows you to view and record your favorite TV channels at no additional charge. Just insert a standard USB drive or external hard drive to the USB port on the front panel, and keep your recordings as long as you want! The Digital TV Converter Box tunes into the HD broadcast with your antenna*, using the pre-set remote functions. The built-in Electronic Program Guide (EPG) lists upcoming programs for you to record instantly or on a timer, so you won’t ever miss your favorite shows! The Digital TV Converter Box is perfect for cutting costs and being able to record TV shows to watch at your convenience.
*External antenna not included

Record Function
Using a USB drive or external hard drive, record your favorite TV channels instantly or on a recording timer so you never miss your favorite shows! It’s your very own DVR without any extra costs or subscriptions!

Watch Free Digital Channels
Watch your favorite channels with no charge! You can finally cut the cord with your expensive mainstream cable provider. All you need is an antenna and external storage device and you can tune into the latest TV shows.

Electronic Program Guide
Use the built-in guide to track upcoming TV shows, past recorded shows and set a recording schedule so you never miss your favorite shows.

Converts digital broadcasts to your TV
Cable pass through
Electronic program guide and program information
Favorite channel list
Parental control function
Auto scanning (finds all digital broadcasts)
Auto, 16:9 pillar box, 16:9 pan and scan, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan and scan, 4:3 full, 16:9 wide screen
Closed captioning
Full function remote control
Real-time recording and scheduled recording
1080p Full HD output, CVBS output
Sleep timer
USB multimedia player compatible with MP3, AAC, AVI, MPG, DAT, VOB, MKV, MJPEG, JPEG, BMP, PNG
Supports QAM
Input: RF (Antenna) / Output: HDMI, RCA, Coaxial (audio)
Limited 1 Year Warranty


HDMI cable or RCA cable
Over the air antenna
USB thumb drive or external hard drive required for recording

Model Number


Package Contents

Digital TV Converter Box with Digital Video Recorder
Remote Control
RCA- Y Cable
Instructional Manual

Technical Specifications

Connectivity: USB | RCA | HDMI | RF IN/OUT | Coaxial
UPC: 8-12658-01388-8
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Weight: 13 oz
Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.5 x 4.5 in. (16.5 x 3.8 x 11.4 cm)

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Live Worms
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Josh Lippi & The Overtimers

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Richab L. says:

Thanks, good video !

Spaz says:

I’m confused. I was googling for dvr sets so I can record some of my favorite TV shows so I wouldn’t miss any of them (I have comcast cable) and see this product. Then I see in its description that it helps with picking up more channels for an antenna and also records said channels. So is it only compatible with an antenna? Or can I use it to record my shows that I get with cable?

Dan Rose says:

Rf channel and virtual channel.

Cap Pictures Inc. says:

I was looking at getting one of these for my antenna. I would like to be able to record my local stations without a computer and the guide would be really helpful.

Dan Rose says:

Guide runs together on the same channel.

angelhelp777 says:

I am currently deciding for which brand of digital TV converter box will be best for my disabled wife to be able to use with her bad eyesight. Your video was very helpful. You have a fun personality which adds to making a even better video. Thank you for the excellent video.

Gabriel Martinez says:

Does that converter box play lossless audio files

Carole Russo says:

I’m confused with the red white and yellow cables I get boot then lines nothing else

ToddHa says:

You can take your recordings with you. The .mts files will play on other devices. Using an OTG usb cable, I can play them on an LG G4 at my workplace. They can also be played back on virtually any Homeworx or Homeworx clone (Using the same software menus). Also, vice-versa. They will also playback on PC/Laptops, Raspberry Pis via Kodi/VLC & others.

Richard Bulmerrr says:

will this get in the new Digital cable

Dan Rose says:

Mediasonic are good for non internet dvr. Price is good.

trevor says:

With so many satellite receivers to choose from do you recommend any models in particular?  Looking to buy one.Would like HD quality (HDMI), will use a motorized dish, want C, KU band, easily updateable and anything else you would suggest.thanks.

Carole Russo says:

How do you hook up the connections on the tv

Android Box says:

Great unit. Too bad in Vancouver BC we only get about 9 over the air ATSC channels.

K1ZEK says:

Your not your biggest fan, I am !!!   lol

Abelardo Sanchez says:

Mine isnt even 2 months old and would work fine now its just stays stuck on the aluratek pink display screen goes black and over and over before it started acting up the channels would appear after the display

saturn0660 says:

Here in the states most cable providers use the QAM system.. It works… But it’s a big pain in the ass when setting up.

Dan Rose says:

I use internal hard drive old ide drives works pretty good.

NovaSir says:

Can you review Leadtek TV Tuners

Dan Pete says:

That’s the same software setup on my rca dtv pvr box

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