£5 USB Digital TV Receiver

Digital TV receiver from Banggood, £5 / $7.50 including delivery.

Purchased from www.banggood.com, item number SKU007322
3 weeks for delivery from China to UK.

Software included does work, however is many years old.
Video shows it installed on Windows 7 Pro 64.

Update: http://youtu.be/H5vkvUhVS9Y


Twilight Snarkle says:

I would say that is a very good deal. I have had several tuners that cost 3 to 6 times as much, that did not work worth a crap out of the box. Nice.

Ahmed Ssemanda says:

where can be found Or to buy it in Dubai – UAE # feedback required

Robert Herberg says:

We have the same monitor. Mine warms my room nicely.

Jjj Kkk says:

I remember buying one of these when they were “new” – 2006 or thereabouts. It never really worked, although the software would claim to find a signal it never actually got as far as displaying a television channel. Not even when connected to the rooftop aerial! BlazeHDTV = junk, that was my conclusion anyway.

John Moore says:

Bought a similar one “RTL2832U+R820T” chip, Australia, Win7, full size RF connector, not the SMB Connector as on yours, the small antenna picked up all but one broadcaster, connecting the roof mounted antenna all were received and all DAB+ channels, which are within the TV broadcast frequency rang in Aus, so not surprising they were available, bought it just for the DAB+ radio option, sadly only received a trial version Blaze TV.

Wesley Poon says:

Hi, i got a question, did it got FM feature. Did it can received the FM signal and record the programs?

jorge anaya says:

Your voice is fucking annoying my god stop talking so damn much

Ali Habibi says:

How did you make the wire that the signal was found?

alexander agbayani says:

..the trick is.. to have a good aerial antennae to have a good reception ..

Muhammad Ali says:

Is there an adapter for the antenna to cox cable instead? And where can I find one?

Mtaalas says:

You can’t just splice coaxial cable into another and expect the signal integrity to stay reasonable. You need to have proper adapters since digital-tv is sent in such a high frequency and requires such a large bandwidth to work properly that any discontinuities in the signal path will affect the signal enough to make it unusable.

Xl Xl says:

I bought it but unfortunately only works a few TV channels else.hi for macedonia

MacedoniaGamingNetwork - MGN says:

I like the Moscow wallpaper xD

Chris aka Schulbus says:

some time ago is saw that you can with specific drivers listen to other frequencies… can this work with such an usb device?? sry for my english 😀

Will Wonka says:

Great video aside from the er, overuse er, of the word er.

Danson Bett says:

So the small antenna does not work

Medokai says:

Does it work with SDR#?

panos tampakologos says:

Do you have the drivers for windows xp or windows 7 because i have lost my cd.

iamdarkyoshi says:

Related videos “How to get free TV”

Well… you use an antenna… they have been around since TVs were first released…

Chaplain Dave Sparks says:

I just saw where one software vendor mentioned a prize within a licensing agreement for the first person to actually read through and find it. It wasn’t claimed for a month or two! 🙂

urbansnipe says:

hes using NOD32 antivirus probably the best antivirus you can get this guy obviously knows his computers aswell 😀 and hes not using that shight windows 8 otherwise known as windows HATE

catalia lia says:

Hi..will it work in malaysia?

coondogtheman1234 says:

Does this have the ability to record TV shows like a DVR? I did see in the website you showed it did say recorder. I might look at one of these but I don’t have a roof antenna like you do. I also see that it picked up some music stations, can this pick up HD radio too?

OZHKAR1 says:

does your USB device lights up? I connect mine and I see no LED flashing

Bablu Biswas says:

Will it work in India? We use Set top Box , Tv video input mode to view tv

garethkemp84 says:

u still got this

Alan Mumford says:

I bought a similar device for a similar price – it too worked just fine straight from the box. The channels can be sorted manually into your preferred order, including blacklisting of unwanted channels. It also has dual tuners, so you can watch one channel while recording another to HDD. Brilliant little piece of kit, a TV in your pocket.

PwnishR says:

You get what you pay for i guess…

tauresa ttauresa says:

can this be used on a tv? and it there a coaxil cable that can be bought and used with this, rather than doing it yourself?

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