UCube Digital Compact USB Speakers Review

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Manufacturer Link: http://www.ufiproducts.com/ Price: $149.95

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UCube Digital Compact USB Speakers Review
UCube Digital Compact USB Speakers Review
UCube Digital Compact USB Speakers Review
UCube Digital Compact USB Speakers Review


Priv Vy says:

@TekBeatTV haha i have the blue snowball. the yeti sounds so much better!! hey just saying but if you’re wondering about what to do with your old mic or if you wanna be nice and give me the yeti, i’d gladly accept them 😀 haha but seriously great video.

Austin Evans says:

Great review Will!

Snazzy Labs says:

Awesome camera work buddy. I’m loving the newer style. These look very sharp. I won’t be replacing my Monsoon anytime soon, but these look nice.

heartpursuer says:

It depends on which iMac you have. The speakers on the new (late-2012) model are rubbish, so yes, the uCubes add a much more balanced output. The sound on my earlier iMac (2010) was much better, basically on a par with the uCubes.

Techdude6693 says:

Were these review units? I’m tempted to contact them

CalenderJuiceSheena says:

Very nice camera work Will! Love the new style of review 🙂

tswizzel007 says:

@CalenderJuiceSheena i heard that the bass of those speakers is not good but is it too bad to listen to because i listen to many kinds of music and i’m about to buy those but those remarks on their ability to play bass makes me reconsider it

Chandler Samuels says:

like if you are the first view

Progan666 says:

do you think those are better than my logitech X-540?

SchneiderMan says:

Great job on the new style of reving. No comment on those little bastards.

heartpursuer says:

I just bought a pair and yes, they look (and sound) great next to my 27″ iMac. I can’t argue over the price, since I know I’ll get my money’s worth many times over.

Alksion says:

If priced receptively at $89 at $99 I would have been more interested. They would look great next to my iMac!

Jack Lee says:

at first I’m like “nice looking speakers~might give’em a shot”
then I check the price in the vid description and I crapped myself lol

Matthew Norzan says:

i don’t think its possible for me to get it since i live in malaysia

heartpursuer says:

The bass is considerably better than what you’ll find on the 2012 iMac, but will never be confused with a sub-woofer. If you want that sort of sound, uCube has just come out with a nifty looking standalone sub-woofer.

Mirealith says:

i got some logitech z313 speakers, can i hook these up to the subwoofor from that set and get the bass from that ?? (it uses 3.5mm jack to hook up the speakers)

Oliver Fielding says:

are they better then the speakers on the iMac in the first place

Priv Vy says:

i noticed you got a new mic (: what model?

derryck carpenter says:

I would have enjoyed a little more detail in your description of the audio quality. Amount of distortion at high volumes, potential to fill up a room at a higher volume, etc. A word or two about the build quality would have also been welcome, but all in all a good review. Keep it up!

LogicallyTechnology says:

Great review Will! These speakers look pretty nice, but as a macbook air user who understands the sacred usefulness of USB ports, I don’t think I would be willing to sacrifice one for speakers when I have a perfectly functioning audio port.

LogicallyTechnology says:

@TekBeatTV You’re definitely doing a good job, and I’m glad to see it’s not at the expense of content quality 😀

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