These Sound AMAZING – Razer Nommo Chroma Speakers Review!

These Razer speakers are affordable and sound really impressive…
•Nommo Chroma:
•Regular Nommo:

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Music from sound test: Fybe:one “Eyes Open”


EthanASF says:

Will it work on a console?

• Pyro Gaming • says:

I can’t take Nommore

Bun Bon says:

Can anyone tell how much wattage is the razer nommo?

Itz Matt says:

another awesome vid , hated when u said u played PubG. Lol

Mini Panini says:

hope its good,I dont use headphones anymore after seeing my friends baldspot that’s weirdly shape like a headphone.

John Huynh says:

3:28 lol what was that shot? Still loved the video though

FeX says:

Better than Leviathan ?

FlightFilms says:

They look like jet engines 😀

Galaxy Gamers says:

good review…. BUT there are better speakers…. for the price…. i got a polaroid surround sound for around £50…. 1 bass block.. and 4 speakers….

GoldesDaScrub says:


Lovro Sabljak says:

they sound very muddy..

Jay Nguyễn says:

My hair dryer looks exactly the same with two knobs for heat and level

junker 76 says:

overwatch for life

Shane says:

Lol fully unplugged. For lots of people that means no tech at all

WeLiveWeDie says:

Look like old office lamps

Julia Klug says:

i think these look like a hair dryer

Baraka says:

Any frequency response graphs or similar? So one could compare them to lets say… Pioneer’s Andrew Jones designed bookshelf speakers? No? Guessed so.

Also how about you compare the 99$ AT2020 mic to the razer seiren, that would be interesting. Or the 55$ Philips SHP 9500 to basically every razer headset in existence 🙂

demonpride1975 says:

i have been looking into these and 499 is a tad bit ridiculous. i have the Logitech z5500 speaker setup. and the only thing that would pull me is the rgb. so they are going to have to offer me a lot more then what they are for the price point. to make me want to move away from a 500 watt system with a bass.

mimiguy 2 says:

I remember some weird glass razer speaker.

Kwuann says:

did anybody else at first thought it was a camera

Lavan Thomas says:

Nommo money

Koi says:

Anyone know what the name of the song is at 4:02?

der gabriel says:


known for good speakers…. NOT
There are thousand Speakers and you choose Razer, smh.

Asain Ching Chong says:

Rather get boombox

DeDiamantGaming says:

OMG I thougt that that was a camera :}

Trevor Knight says:

Do you think you can setup the lights on PC then hook it up to smart tv

Jonathon Kowalski says:

Sorry but I don’t really think you know what you’re talking about concerning speakers

Tom W says:

or you can get logitech speakers for half the price and will sound much better…

Aiden Do says:

is this better than the Bose Companion 2 Series 3?

oblivion. says:

SO! I got 3816USD to make a sick setup, and i need you’r help! I’m gonna buy the following:

Razer Firefly

Ajazz AK33

MSI Codex 3

MSI Optix G24C 24″ (im buying 2 of these)

Arozzi Milano (Red)

Razer Nommo

Razer Seiren

I already have LED’s around the top corner of my wall and roof, but thats about it. I have exactly 728,22 dollars left. Any idea what i should use those for? Should i spend them or not?

BeJo says:

Razer speakers???!!! SAY NOMMO

PineArtz says:

Dude i just got a 4k Monitor and holy omg all tech yourtubers videos are Amazing lookking

Fabian says:

Thouht is was another Razer joke

Lukas G says:

Who said its for gaming’?

ll WUBZY Xx says:

what i want to know is why is his hair black and his beard orange.

ThatsNiceGuy - Technology and More says:

Not enough bass tho

80 80 says:

nommo speakers better than razer nommo

Ricky Huerta says:

I really like razer I own a lot of there products myself and it’s awesome to see a company take chances and try so many new things from all of there concept products to things like the razer phone and now these new desktop speakers even to the small things like with the red LED light on that mic they try and tune and perfect and as a consumer I love seen that

Anujit Ganguly says:

May be it’s just me – but I do not “feel” this review , the sound quality is somewhat of a subjective matter and the part where you “showed” these playing, it did not feel that much. May be due to the fact that capturing sound off the air is not that pleasant …..

Anyway – keep it up.


sa türk var mı

J. says:

What are the White Speaker in the Background from your Setup?

Hugo Bäsen says:

Why didnt they place the cable connectors in the base so you could hide them easier

ccjh0806 says:

Hi how do you connect a 3.5 mm headphone jack on a phone or laptop to the speaker aux in? both has to be 3.5 mm heads?

TJ says:

What’s the best 7.1 gaming speakers for pubg? lol I hate when my headphones flatten my hair 🙁

RileyPlays says:

Dude those speakers are fucking massive!

varnox says:

they look like oculus rift sensors

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