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SoundSoul Water Speakers –

I’m fairly convinced that these are the weirdest speakers I’ve ever featured on Unbox Therapy. Why do they have water in them? Why is that compelling? … I have no idea, but there’s something about these that seems special.

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Jacob Parton says:

I got those.

Kenneth Ramos says:

bruh 50 bucks? I got one of those from dave and busters for like 3000 or like 4000 tickets I think but I saves up if I ever find anything good and once i got them and tried them out they worked BEAUTIFUL

Dezqn HD says:

These were popular in 2012

aarush pahwa says:

I’ve seen Those speakers for 10$ in the market

Puppy Dreams says:

i have to turn the music up super loud to get the water like that it’s kinda frustrating

martin22251 says:

useless fellow

Bonsaibreaker says:

Shit i remember my friend buying speakers like that almost 10 years ago

aXaFlyN Games says:

Play some Cheeki Breeki on this .

Stubbszila J.r says:

You are so stupid

GræbberApe says:

my speakers makes these weird noises when it pumps the water up.. please help me! its only when the audio is on..

Ace Carter Videos V2 says:

I’m watching this video through the water speakers…

they don’t sound good but they look cool

Lashawndra Carter says:

there at five below! hello!!!!!!

DJ IS A BEAST vlogs says:

i got some water speakers and they are massive

cleoszeftreine CZN says:

thats cool. how can i get that?

Ryan World War II History Buff Guy 582 says:

I have some from Rose Art

Skywtaker Is here says:

Omg I got the same ones from a company called jumps they sound great

All about beats , says:

I have one modified to 50 watts and it’s really good

todd zy says:

I have them

Revzy says:

E-joy or sound soul?

soupermemez says:

I has these kind of speakers but I broke it

that troll says:

I had these but in white

javion hawkins says:

bad speakers 6 watts i have a 1000 watts

Alex K says:

60% off on amazon! cant pass this up. 😀

McpeHacker says:

I have this speakers

Red Thunder says:

one of mine turned yellow…anyone know how to fix this

Mega melon Baez says:

What if you put EARRAPE?

qwe007pp says:

i can buy those at my local elecronics stor

John Beechey says:


Incinerated Nyte says:

what is the genre of music used in these vids man. i NEED IT

Geometry Dash Luka says:

Slight – Tangerines thank me later

Sky Nation says:

its only 12$ in my country

Samsung says:

stop throwing shit

Gussgamer 1234 says:

i have some and they suck!

Asha Ramrekha says:


alexis Browning says:

I’m playing this on my big water speeker haha

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