Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Compact Bluetooth/USB/FM

rockville speaker

Rockville RHB70 Compact all in one home theater speaker with 4” subwoofer and (2) 3” speakers built in. Built in high powered amplifier with incredible sound quality. 2.1 channel design with (2) 3” speakers for highs and a 4” subwoofer for mids and lows.


RC Hammer says:

Sounds OK for outdoors for some background music. Should also be fine for EDM, rap, and pop since those genres are basically synthesized music, not requiring any sound accuracy.

Brett Robinson says:

I’m no expert but doesn’t that device you’re using simply measure the power consumption of the unit, not the actual speaker output.

Lao Xiaohai says:

sounds like cassette boombox from the 80’s

Rockville Audio says:

Love the review! Honest and to the point! make sure you message us on FaceBook so I can send you a free rockville t shirt:

Herman King says:

How do you hook this unit up to your TV

midnightchannel says:

Sounds TERRIBLE, at that volume sound is breaking apart.

Reviews should demonstrate all tat the unit can do: volume you Co ered (and it failed), but what about the spoken word? You should put a news station on (and NOT at maximum volume). To test the range, which was not done you should play a symphony or something like tracks from Sargent Peppers..

From what was shown here I would not buy this.

Margot Robby says:

Pretty sure the 25w rating is with a usb connected

橋本奈々未 says:

Advice for your channel and other curious folks here. The continuous power rating of this unit 25W, which means that the transformer that supplies the voltage internally is rated for that continuous load. Program power is the maximum power the driver units themselves can handle in short bursts typically under 1 second in length. The peak power is the maximum theoretical output of the audio ICs. The audio amplifiers might be equipped to output 100W of power to the drivers, but the power delivery system is not capable of this. Instead, the size of the capacitors used in the power delivery will dictate how long this ‘peak’ power lasts, most electrolytic capacitors used in speakers this size would probably last a few milliseconds at this power rating, after which they will discharge after feeding the audio circuitry with the juice for the sudden loud acoustics. Note that peak power is great if you are listening to music with hugely varying dynamics, as the capacitors can recharge from the continuous power at times where total acoustic output is lower than the continuous power capacity of the transformer. To consolidate, a high peak power means the speaker can handle sudden moments of loudness in songs which do not have continuous loudness, however in most tracks that use a heavy bass-line, the continuous power will be hit… continuously, leading to distortion as the capacitors can’t recharge quick enough in between bursts of sound to hit that peak power, leading to a distorted mess that sounds flat and stressed.

21 savage says:

That speaker has too much Distortion

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