review of my usb speakers

this are my logitech s-150 usb digital speakers


TheRobotman5000 says:

Hey your mexican aren’t you?
The chickens the mexican music lol x.x

roger shahan says:

do you know how i can hook those up to my laptop and have my laptop speakers in use at the same time

Cholavista says:

can you plug headphones into them?

Danster82 says:

why dont they do speakes you can just plug into mains put a mini usb transmitter in your laptop usb port and transmit music to wireless speakers, simple, but they dont do it.

All bluetooth crap, or rechargeable speakers.

TheAtomicsoft says:

i understand

TheAtomicsoft says:

@dragonslayer8901 sorry but is impossible to do that

TheAtomicsoft says:

@marioz1990 yes it is

TheAtomicsoft says:

@xRicommy no

Nolan Nguyen says:

Cool chicken/rooster in the background bro!

TheAtomicsoft says:


Stefanos Aslanis says:

3rd review of the box found on you tube!

TheAtomicsoft says:

i dont thik so because theyre are designed for windows

LePo says:

get your ears checked

TheAtomicsoft says:

@bucko06 fuck you

bucko06 says:

Shit video holmes.

jamdc2000 says:

test the damn shit! useless video

Alejandro Guerrero says:

whasss app??

TheAtomicsoft says:

i know beacuse in that moment i was having braces in my mouth

TheAtomicsoft says:


Xx Topgun xX Clark says:

what in the world is this crap

Nathan Nitz says:

@bensonboy5 – YES – These speakers use a generic USB Audio device driver built-in to windows, so just plug them in and they should install. It will work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Blahblox Gyuanox says:

BUT KID WE WANT HEAR THEM !.Waste of time.

TheAtomicsoft says:

@mco562 no

TheAtomicsoft says:

no because is for windows OS

TheAtomicsoft says:

whats up i was having braces in that moment

Jay Eel says:

Not much of a review video..  I can get all that from reading descriptions.  Find some good reviewer on UTube and see how they do it and copy them.

AdoDaYugo says:

can you connect it to your TV?

evilyx says:

don’t buy this. these speaker got poor sound, i need to set the volume to 80-100 to get heard, and there is no bass.. piece of trash

TheAtomicsoft says:

no because is for pc because ps3 dosent have the drivers for this :/

Ricolaa says:

Does this has a good bass?

Because I am going on school camp or something.
And I want to have some good speakers with good bass.
So does these have some good bass ?

TheAtomicsoft says:

@TheRobotman5000 lol no

Draknov says:

bro i cant understand shit. im serious

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