logitech Z200 speakers review & sound test | Best budget speakers

Logitech Z200 multimedia speakers unboxing and review with sound test track added to the video.


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Amazon (Global) : http://bit.ly/l_z200_global
Amazon(IN) : http://amzn.to/2mfPALY
Amazon(US): http://amzn.to/2eTMY2N
Amazon(CA): http://amzn.to/2dN1etp
Amazon(UK): http://amzn.to/2eIggVJ
Ebay(AUS): http://bit.ly/2g0Mn45

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Music courtesy :

Music by NCS
Music by Approaching Nirvana
Intro : DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]
Track 1 : JJD – Adventure [NCS Release]
Track 2 : Helix – [Approaching Nirvana ]
Sound Test tracks : Syn Cole – Feel Good (Radio Edit) [NCS]

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Ben Howard says:

He does a sound test using a snowball mic, the sound won’t be done justice through that piece of shit

Ls Omegaa says:

he said box about 32 times

holy fuck

Jayasurya Nimmala says:

How many years old r u

E S says:

damn that’s nice. I’m so going to buy!!!! 😀

beezy yo says:

Hey nice video I don’t get it do I need two 3.5mm jacks for each speaker? And can I use this for my tv as Well?

whatisrl says:

Great video, thank you. I think I’ll buy them.

PhantomDrawing says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing! Really love these speakers! They sound really awesome!

moneymike422vids says:

does the dial have a on/off switch ?

Jay Kresge says:

Does the volume knob actually control volume when headphones are connected? This may seem like a dumb question, but it was a surprising omission from my last Logitech speakers. When you plugged in headphones, it would just blast you and the knob didn’t change the volume.

funnygaming XL says:

can you find the logitec z333 side speakers not subwoofer the siddspeakers plzz i cant find them

Nayeem Khan says:

How long it lasted for

TechnoDroid says:

I wana buy Good PC speakers and my budget is 2.5k so would you recommend me these?

Areactive says:

What mouse do u have

Shadow says:

Take a shot every time he says “box”.

TheGai says:

I have the same knife

Java Holiland says:


Rogueify says:

Will these work if I plug them in to my subwoofer and use an aux with the mixamp?

Dewey Barrett 253 says:

I have one in Black

Numan1114 says:

Nice vid keep up the good work!!

Amashikha Dutta says:

is that a 24 inch Benq??

Overclock Mixes // Music Mixes says:

This speaker actually has 2 speakers. The bottom speaker part from both speakers are fake and do not emmit any sound. I’ve taken them apart.

TheRealChunks says:


buzifalus says:

what is that knife?


thanks man this really helped! now i know i should get this definatley

Vegito Red says:

i got the same mouse mines blue

Melker andesson says:

Can u connect the speakers to your phone ?

Not_A_Gamer says:

how do I connect these to my ps4?

CheeseTech says:

Guess what speakers im buying now? THE BOSE COMPANION II. im actually gonna probably pick these up tho.

MrAdeptius says:

Thank you for video, and good luck with Java!

Afiq Eskandar says:

can i know what monitor that you use??

R O B B I E says:

Very good, well made video! – 🙂

Jonas Berg says:

This niggah knows how 2 USE a knife

cwli1 says:

Try the $12 CD-quality Trust Leto PC speakers (Polo in the USA). They’re loud enough for some people in a medium-sized room. Use a USB extension cable to cut interference.

Slithers says:

can i hook these up directly into my gaming monitor?

Richard Wu says:

I think z200 can be compare with z313, they are in the same level

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