Logitech Z120 USB Speakers Unboxing

The Logitech Z120 Stereo Speakers are really small, really cheap and really good USB powered speakers. They won’t beat your really expensive speakers but for the price and size, there isn’t much to complain about.

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Nightcore X Vocaloid says:

I bought a Logitech Z200 Multimedia speakers, but when I plugged it in it won’t turn on and there was no sound. When I removed the plug the sound came back. So please help me! These speakers were somehow quite expensive…

Anime4 Mii says:

I prefer the Z130 or Z313
but Z313 isn’t really that good
the singer you could bearly hear that
but the base is strong but overpowering the singer
that’s why I got myself the Z506

Phil K says:

Just bought these and the right hand speaker with on/off switch isn’t working. The lights on, but no sound. The left is fine. What am I doing wrong ?

Lisa Opmeer says:

i have the same speakers and it doesnt work.. ;( help pls!!

M/s. Karim & Sons says:

which one is Better?
logitech Z120 vs Microlab b16

The640Roadster says:

Do you need the audiojack to plug in to get sound or just only the USB?

JoshTUBE6 says:

Do you get cellphone interference on these speakers?

Claudio Dean says:

very cool

Egle Baranauskaite says:

Hi,do u know if it’s suitable for a tablet?

Robert says:

hmm im watching and listening to this video with Logitech Z120 speakers haha

Juan Antonio Sánchez Muñoz says:

mono mierda

Stu Vlog says:

Thanks for doing this, just what I was looking for 🙂

Adrian Kowalczyk says:

Can I connect them with any subwoofer?

Dnario Beats says:

how in the hell do u make beats like that?

Peter Pilnäs says:

It would be nice to know if the USB port on the Airport Express is enough to power these speakers?

Phil K says:

Just bought these off Amazon (for the same price as you) as my speakers have given up in one of the speakers, and the sound isn’t what it should be, hope these are as decent as the Amazon reviews

Rudra Narayan Dehury says:


chris77777777ify says:

Tiny box in large box.

The reason is boy, is that the logistics companies deal in tens of thousands of parcels, they get stacked on top of one another in the back of a lorry.
The reason why large boxes protect a small box, is to protect it from getting smashed up.

adrian13 says:

Agree these are great I use them on my monitor I use to play xbox on and they’re really good quality. For everyone out there these will work on ipod/iPad/iPhone I’ve tried them

Guala Nejo says:

it work good with phone ?

Abigail David says:

“your song” reminds me of Love Hime pancake of yowamushi pedal hehe. nice review and very beautiful music!

saad abrar says:

can you tell how to repair these speakers…???

Rob Howes says:

Z120 or Z130?  Only £5 difference.  Which to buy?

Rafly Dwi marzuq says:

I just bought one and only one speaker is working.
HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

Alperen Doğan says:

can i use that with my phone?

Trindade Rui says:

Ever tried them on tablet that has usb otg ?

مستر khald says:

لحوول مافي واحد يهرج عربي كلهم انقلز

Wedge Lad says:

are they loud?

Dr.Romel Dental Surgeon says:

how to change songs if i use pendrive?

RaitonNin says:

lol every time you say “pounds” i laugh because in your mac video you said it was 2000, and that (in the US) would be a pretty heavy computer.. I’m not stupid in the sense that i dont know about the difference of measurements and such.. but it still throws me off and is funny.

Fay-yaadh Allie says:

Excellent video!

ダンボール戦機マニア says:

I want!

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