Logitech S150 Digital USB Speakes Review !

Logitech S150 Digital USB Speakes Review !

Box Contains :

Installation Guide
Speakers Carry Case

Review Score 9/10

Buy Some Now ! – http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/9448?crid=658

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saphire861 says:

i have those exact speakers but they make a buzzing sound

Arely Hn says:

por que no las probaste con audio :S buuuu

Marco Ramos says:

Be carefull… The sound that come out of these speakers on this video can totaly damage your ear.

Victor D. says:

Dude, play something in it, I think it would be cool to listen before buying it :/

Erik Orehek says:

would be better if you can connect Subwoofer

Darko Beslema says:

Does it have a built in sound card?
Do you need a drivers for it? I need this to know because my sound card on my notebook is damaged, so I need an “external” solution

patricia anderson says:

Thank you for the info. I just bought a pair. On Craigs List new in box one question, Do you only turn them off y unplugging them. P.S. love the British accent. You seem very sweet Happy new Year and thanks again. electricia09

Family Guy 24/7 says:

Take this down stig can copy write strike u

superpanda 1022 says:

PC only?

Conor Mayling says:

does this work with windows 8?

Chaotic says:

Nice 🙂

Kevin Cao says:

so sucks

Graham Miles says:

Awesome review of the box although I would have enjoyed a bit more in depth analysis on the type of font used on the packaging and the quality of the cardboard.

johnnybarbar says:

No special driver needed and no sound card as it is digital USB signal and power.

Kalin Georgiev says:

review without audio it is better no review , no mention of sound quality or comparison to other similar products, or mention of the main technical parameter like output power etc. ….

ordoveritas says:

Would be nice if you would actually test the speakers as well in the video.
This is not really an review but rather an “unboxing” video that really doesnt say anything about the actual speakers.

gmrb79s says:

great box… the logo works great

CuteWiiXzY says:

Have the same speakers and Hi @oChaoticRavenger

Haguen says:

review with no audio, sucks

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