JLab B-Flex USB Laptop Speaker – Unboxing – Review – Sound Test

This is an excellent very inexpensive product $9.99 New on Amazon for anyone who needs their laptop, notebook, chromebook, etc speakers to be MUCH louder. Or if your speakers are broken, etc.
I hunted to something that wasn’t expensive or was the typical plug-in, or wireless speaker that required batteries, was heavy, required any drivers, etc. I wanted something that was flexible and could be moved and placed in any position I desired while also being LOUD (and have good sound quality). This turned out to be exactly what I wanted/needed. It is as plug N Play as things get,.. you literally plug it in and it works.. done. No drivers, no settings.
I sleep with a fan and my laptop speakers aren’t quite loud enough to be super clear especially since not everything is the same “max” volume when it’s played. This more than fixed that problem.
It weighs 5 ounces (A pound is 16 ounces for reference). It fits in any USB port. It doesn’t take any batteries, it doesn’t need to be charged or recharged as it receives its power from the USB port itself. I really can’t say enough about this little device with big sound. It’s smaller than my hand.
If anyone is concerned about their USB ports getting damaged – While this doesn’t feel like it is going to do this with my laptop, I understand — I would recommend just using a USB hub which are also inexpensive if worried. Why this over the wireless speakers? Well you have to charge those, you have to set them somewhere, they don’t flex around,.. they are generally much more expensive for the sound quality,.. I don’t think a product exists for $9 that gives this kind of sound quality and volume with no power needed, and being so small and light.


gum says:

u want this … but is there version same all but there a bluetooth in it in case i want play music to my phone want not chargeable

Mary Lambert says:

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gum says:

is there any speaker (mono/single) not rechargeable but usb power and the sound is also in Usb (for pc basically) but if i want to listen to phone music theres a Bluetooth in it …i dont want rechargeable mini speaker and i dont want 3.5 jack …
some one suggest??? help!!!

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