JBL Horizon: Unboxing Review – Digital Bluetooth FM Alarm Clock w/USB chargers

JBL Horizon black: http://amzn.to/1Jadwp3 (Amazon Germany)
JBL Horizon white: http://amzn.to/1T0dENy (Amazon Germany)
Spinido iPhone Dock: http://amzn.to/1T0dF48 (Amazon Germany)

The JBL Horizon is a multi-functional night stand accessoire. Its main purpose is a bluetooth speaker system (2 x 5W with 70Hz – 20kHz) with dual USB charging ports. However, it is also capable of being an alarm clock, an FM radio tuner and a wake-up light. In my opinion, this is the exact order its features should be looked at.

Talking about audio quality: the acoustics are quite good for being that simple and small, it has a strong hint of bass in its equalizer settings, but is still clear enough to be clear in voices. A similar characteristic that is known with Bose products. The dual charging ports are capable of powering a smartphone and a tablet (iPhone 5S and iPad mini 4), but I’m uncertain what its maximum ratings are. Its alarm clock features are limited to the most basic of all: manual time settings, manual daylight savings time (however, with a very elegant and simple switch on the bottom) and a battery to keep the time data when affected by a power outage. You have a few different acoustic alarm tones to choose from, besides the common buzzer or FM radio. You can also use your bluetooth audio to wake you up. Though I’d suggest having played music the night before and have it automatically turned off by the sleep timer to make sure that the connections are ready to be used the next morning for the alarm. Its last feature is the wake-up light that is integrated into the alarm clock. It’s pretty much just a simple light on the back, which isn’t all that bright to compare it to a sunrise, and way too quick to be such thing. Having had experienced the Philips Wake-Up Light, I know what’s possible and the JBL is far from being one. I’m using the JBL as my personal alarm clock (or night stand speaker?) now and it does wake you up gently – though as gentle as it can be within 15-30 seconds of it starting, whereas the Philips takes its time to very gradually increment its brightness and audio levels across a timespan of 5-10 minutes before actually being noticeable.

Overall I think this product is good if you want a nice bluetooth speaker that replaces your old alarm clock with a bonus of an indirect light. If you are expecting it to be more, then you are most likely to be disappointed. My favorite feature is the USB charging as it makes it very easy to get some power for your phone over night. By combining it with a neat little dock, it actually looks well organized. (Doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet.)

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milan kricka says:

Good review… But i have a problem… my iphone 6 keep crashing bluetooth connection … do anyone know why ? pls help… thank you

Gabe Ulrickson says:

They should make new version of this with a subwoofer on the back of it or 3D sound speaker on it. Although most people wouldn’t turn these up loud enough to notice it.

Mark Delos Reyes says:

Are these have aux port? And can it be operated without plug in?can it be played without power supply??

Shirley shadbolt says:

Hi I find that when the alarm goes off it stops after about a minuite we like to wake to FM radio and listen to the news before getting up but this stoppes half way through can I extend this

Aldo DeNigris says:

@ Florian Uhlemann Great review, but , I don’t know if you have this problem (for me he is a problem ), in the night when it is quiet, very quiet, the volume at VOL 01 (min), its too loud on the radio, can I adjust him some how ? THX .

Max V says:

i have no idea how i need to connect my iphone (5s) with this device, i turn on my bluetooth and play a song but the clock radio remains silent… all help welcomed 🙂

owais shaikh says:

can u use it without the charger? like a portable speaker?

rcpmac says:

Thanks. This is a good review. Actual walkthrough the functions. I learned from it that the buttons have a loud click click when pushed… If you are sharing a bed and need to set the clock while partner is sleeping then it’s a deal killer.

Koua Xiong says:

not exactly a question about the alarm but what was the song you play during the 7:13 mark?

wojso says:

Hi, is it possible to change the brightness of the display? I can barely see displayed numbers and only under an angle. I can’t see anything when i look from the front.

ekielr jayme says:


Pol Mol says:

Is there an auxiliary input?

theak0404 says:

i want to use this as a table clock. so my main question is that does the clock display remain on all the time? please reply. thanks.

Keven Ong says:

Is this JBL device USB can plug in with USB thumb drive and play a song ?

teufelrasen says:

Hallo, ist es möglich dein Weckton per Bluetooth einzustellen ohne, das jedesmal das Bluetooth das handy an sein muss, also auf dem Weckerspeichern? Gruß teufel

Patrick Buttler says:

Gibt es dafür auch ein Video auf deutsch der ist doch deutscher

Adam GIZLIN says:

Thanks a bunch for a nice review! I got mine today and I must say it is a really nice piece of tech. Originally, I was considering of purchasing Philips Wake up Light but decided to go with JBL alarm clock. So far, no regrets. The only thing I am not really happy is placement of control buttons, but I am being picky here ^^ I would recommend it to anyone without any reservations!

Michael Robinson says:

Presets!! I can’t set the radio stations…. Video, please. Yes, I read the instructions….

eduardo greco says:

começa no fm 76 ou 87?tem auxiliar?

TaetheCypher says:

is this the only choice of jbl products that no need to charged? i already had jbl flip. 3 and clip+ and too lzy to recharge it everyday..what i need just plug it, i try jbl charge 3 and could play while im plug it but im afraid theres issue w the battery later

ScHiZoPhReNi74 says:

Nice review ! Danke !
Can I ask you if you have problems with the display at night ? Isn’t it too bright for sleeping ? Can it be dimmed to very dark ?
Because I have a radio now and just the digits alone are so bright it lightens up my whole room at night.

thanks !

Maria Aparecida says:

Obrigada pela exprication vou ligar o meu aparelho,abracos!

bigwheels 05 says:

How do I remove a alarm

Joe Bowditch says:

dose it only works with it phones??

Leesa Drone says:

great video, been looking for a new alarm clock with bluetooth and this one looks great

KYΛN FX says:

im subcriber 1000

Paulo Correa says:

where can i check the battery???

Orblyn Rose Malabarbas says:

Where is the switch on and off?

Flooster says:

This video came out 15. December? That’s my birthday! 😀

benjmanx says:

Can you use the ambient light as a reading light?

RedLadyBug says:

What the watts of the speaker? Is it more then 10watts?

nooberrific says:

Fm radio are there any normal looking bluetooth speakers with a fm radio feature I can’t find anything besides some shady thing called musky

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