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JBL Charge 3 REVIEW. After this video, the one question I am asking myself is: are these the best bluetooth speaker 2018?! And I think the answer is yes for the mid-range category…these or the UE BOOM 2. The JBL Charge 3 Speaker have impressive battery life at 19 hours (for me). They have a stable bluetooth connection reaching 30-40 feet unimpeded by walls, people, doors, etc. I can do a JBL Charge 3 vs. UE BOOM 2 review if you’d like that also. I think JBL speakers are largely pretty awesome, especially the JBL Bluetooth speakers such as this one and the JBL Flip, which is still somewhat popular. Anyways, hope you enjoy this bluetooth speaker review!!

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Aidas Grubinskas says:

One of the worst speakers i ever had, Shit sound quality, only bass is good, My sony srs x55 sounds better, I did return 3 times just because i was thinking something is wrong with speakers,

Godson Eh says:

you say you looking Dio 0:57 or Doss?

WWE WWE says:

I wish the charge 4 price are down

Voltzlad says:

So o have this speaker and I know it’s loud, but how loud? Like can someone put a number of decibels or some other unit of measurement just so I can compare to other speakers? Thanks

Raden says:

I was listening Havana on my Charge 3…Lmao

Joseph Böhme says:

Jeff you have to buy a db meter and have a standardized sound for US the viewer. The only thing that will work is a known distance away from a known reflecting surface and its distance. Not in an alley or on a bench, or hanging in a garage. Then please please talk alongside the speaker so we hear a voice compared to a music or even your own voice would be ideal. Really most sound reviews do not say how they are recorded if w a camera mic a good recording mic etc. Surely not an iPhone,

smnichols1010 says:

You talk to much fucker

Chris Serbana says:

Can I put it inside a pool?

Nubyrc says:

What about using a headset. There is a market for elderly who use headsets for watching TV and the Bluetooth set up I got my mother is not loud enough

XD TYMO says:

Lol in europe charge 3 costs €169.99(192.22$) and the charge 2/2+ cost €159.99 (182.22$) so i was like mid range speaker????? Loool 200 bucks for a speaker isint mid range my mans

soft petite says:

I like jbl charge

Custom Editz says:

Who else has one besides me?

Aceofspadesx120 x says:

Dude i started to push the subwolfers and one today i push it to hard cause it went in the speakers

Rayray Lewis says:

One of my Jbl charge 3 speaker damage and would like to find out the names of the both speaker in the middle to order it back

ninjabluewings says:

Now this looks like a decent speaker which I would love to hear, think I might try one out. The only gripe I have with these speakers is I find most of the low cost speakers have a micro sd card port to load music onto them but that is a handy little extra that i find is always missing on the decent speakers and I think that’s pretty poor show, actually it’s total shit considering how useful the sd card port is and how expensive some of these speakers can be especially the likes of Bose ect

Jalal Rafi says:

Really Nice

Gamer ArmyCz says:

soo this guy is hwo made JBL SPEAKERS??

PoorBelfs says:

I got mine brand new for 60 :3got two for stereo hehe

arhlen itchon says:

It cost now here in the philiipnes 2018 25 dollars. It is interesting if it cost originally 100 dollars.

BountyXD Smash says:

Yo surely you can just charge the speaker with the power bank

Daniel P says:

Got this at Best Buy for $99. Definitely worth it

Megan Rodriguez says:


Jevin Sidaya says:

i have a Jbl charge 3 and its very nice

Play4enjoy says:

I give this JBL only at Rs.3499
Plz conatct on whatsapp 7323905262

Jack Nelson says:

thank you so much i cant say how much this truly did not help me

Bryan Nguyen says:

can we use a Bluetooth mic to connect to this speaker? If so, do you know what mic will be compatible with the speaker? At 3:34 you said it supports the mic. Thanks. I am planning to use it as a Karaoke machine 🙂

thereal kaybe says:

my usb is not working on it any tutorials pls?

Mike Kislia says:

Thanks for the great review! Okugo is the man, RCTID, PTCF

Sousdei Yin says:

I like that jbl

laxmi saini says:

Prise btao

Steve Wissink says:

Too much yakking about his good friend….would rather hear a sound demo.

Jude Fonceca says:


Adrian Adriano says:

I will never buy another Bluetooth speaker until they put a radio in it!!! Why? Because I would like to listen to the radio while I’m talking on the phone !! Or maybe I just want to listen to the local radio station!! All the money they asking for blue tooth speakers, they can afford to put a radio in it and perhaps an alarm 😉 I think that would be common sense! Especially when you spend $200 to $700 in a blue tooth speaker 😉 !!

martijn hofman 933 says:

Im listening with charge 2+ andere my choice Goes to charge2+ more bass the charge3 sounds a littlebit muffled

Fabian Caracheo says:

can I have a jbl charge 3

TheMoneyman501 says:

I can’t afford the only reason I’m watching is becuase I bought a fake cheap one on wish for like $30


I bought this speaker and it sucks. True story.

King With A Capital K says:

I got the gray one and I love it

Pranit Waghmare says:


BurnedOozeGT says:

Nope 19h no 20h

BoxNub says:

I want to charge my phone having such a hard time opening the thing hahahahahahah im dead

peat Steven says:

I have the extreme and place it in a toy net from the ceiling , to cut the bass, i like tight punchy bass not boom, and its up high to cover more range, i got have the eq, downloaded but have not tried it yet, coz my home cell reception is poor, but jbl is a good sound for blue tooth, i personally think bose has cornered the market , but , with so many to choose its your choice, the lansing brothers, jbl, and altec lansing, moveing with the times.

SKYL1N3 says:

If you put a bass boosted music does the speaker vibrate when you put on a table??

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