EEVblog #169 – Samson StudioDock 4i USB Monitor Speaker Review

Dave got the Samson StudioDock 4i USB speakers for editing the blog. What’s inside?


EEVblog says:

@shegar2011 Not for 50 bucks!

jeanious2009 says:

Got to love it “Designed and Engineered in USA,,,,,,,,,, MADE IN CHINA” lol.

CampKohler says:

Rather than for vibration, I would think all the glue was for sealing the cracks to prevent unintended venting of the enclosure out the back. Likewise, the entire electronics assembly should be sealed to the enclosure. That you could pry it off says there wasn’t any glue, but you could always put in some soft, tacky caulk before putting back together and still be able to open it later.

The enclosure skin is officially known as “genuine simulated imitation faux leatherette.” 🙂

Jeff Eagan says:

I honestly can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic with the “wank-words”.

Afrotechmods says:

Weird Al!
Samson makes some cool stuff. Nice teardown!

jfernandmy says:

Does anyone know what does those 2 tubes in the bottom are for? I dont get it, but Dave mentioned something about their length…

Randy Lott says:

Haha, Dave that U.S. accent was really funny! I’m from the states and that’s a southern thing 🙂

EEVblog says:

@hasspol Works great with Altium Designer 3D view

Jacob Peters says:

Actually, time alignment isn’t a wank word. It’s useful to prevent comb filtering around the crossover frequency. However, it’s a comically simple thing to do, and should be considered a fundamental of loudspeaker design. Just look up the Wikipedia page about it. It explains it better than I can in a YouTube comment. Just because marketing uses a fancy sounding word on the box doesn’t mean the engineers designing the product didn’t have very practical purposes for their design decisions.

EEVblog says:

@Albinorama That’s next. Was going to shoot that on the same day (or this morning), but time does slip away…

Cardboard says:

Nice music choice!

Zwan says:

They sounded pretty good over my stupidly over priced headset.

txescientist says:


Jan Tichavský says:

thumbs up for the non-blinding blue LED 🙂

maximka1819 says:

Dave , you just crazy about what’s called “Crack That open” thing right ? xD

THESocialJusticeWarrior says:

“wank words” Low brow. Let’s keep it kid friendly.

voltare2amstereo says:

what i dont get with these active speakers is, do they fill the space in the non powered one so that the boxes have the same volume. else there’s gotta be a difference in sound between the two.

Mtaalas says:

I would have thought them to be exactly the same both speakers. With their own amplifiers and stuff, but maybe that’s for more expensive ones. The weird thing is the weight. Good speakers weigh a lot! They have to so they don’t vibrate and that they keep still with large sound pressure levels. the other one is lighter so it’ll sound little different. Other one is stuffed with electronics so it’ll make it sound different… that’s too bad.

EEVblog says:

@Mtaalas You can always glue a weight inside the other box….

Computer Garage - Australia says:

I use a samson mic to record my videos for youtube its fantastic

mitpatterson says:

@EEVblog ummm, not that i’ve really seen, you could probaly do it in a way the liight would light up when it gets data?(sound data) that would probably be the “easiest” i would imagine if its the active speaker that windows would always be sending *some* data. but i’m not sure if it would also send “data” even when its not the active one. not a a USB expert here

TheRealMrPooPyNuTz says:

Nice. But some front speaker covers would have been a nice bonus.

hentai says:


Alexander Tilley says:

why is the power transformer so large? doesn’t it have a switch mode psu?

Dan Frederiksen says:

I’d think such a design could be much simpler. way too many boards and huge transformer. seems like a crude design to me. it is a crude design.
shouldn’t USB power turn the speakers on with a relay so you don’t have to flip a mechanical switch on the back?
I use a pair of KEF Q1 speakers and a tiny cheap sonic impact socalled class T amplifier. the KEF has tweeter inside the larger speaker unit so it doesn’t have that severe spatial separation of frequency. I like my samson USB studiomike though

TMM says:

Those samson headphones look like a copy of the AKG 242

EEVblog says:

@mitpatterson Yes, I suspect that would be a fair bit harder… Does any USB product have such a feature?

Ella Banana says:

“Not un-attractive at all…” Mmmmm, thats a matter of opinion. Personally, I think they look like shit. XD To each their own.

Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero says:

@EEVblog Ahh! I want that review!

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