Change Ericsson MPS-70 into USB Speakers

In this quick video, I give a step-by-step guide on how to convert the Sony Ericsson MPS-70 speakers (which are exclusively for Ericsson phones) into USB speakers that can work with any laptop or computer. If you don’t fancy doing this project, here is a similar product from Amazon:


Boar Hat says:

How to make a Bluetooth speaker power bank:

Suhail ahmed says:

where is the blue wire

Stefany jenny Aquino says:

nice.. ty

Zan Murn says:

lmao i still remember these

nick sch says:

mengapa harus memakai keduanya , usb dan jack audio 3.5mm ??

apakah tidak bisa hanya salah satu
yaitu dengan menggunakan jack 3.5mm saja (tanpa perlu jack/kabel usb),,
jika ingin memakainya pada ponsel dengan jack 3.5mm ?? seperti xperia active, arC S , LWw , Blaupunkt S2 , X1+, J2 ?

Patryk B. says:

can i use my powerbank and iphone to play music ?

357 Chronic says:

ha ha…thx man! worked. jus got a pair of these .

ad life hack says:

convert bluetooth speaker in to wired speaker

postman00100 says:

This title made this video stupid. The speakers are still not USB speakers at the end! Still the same 3.5mm jack! Whats the points adding another USB power? This video maker has nothing to do?
From all that cost alone, you can buy the speaker cheaper. Why do stupid thing and wasted your time?

W00D Chuck says:

thank you)

Uni On says:

WTF!! MY BIG THAnks! lol now i can hear music with bass

Budi Panjaitan says:

I have an old Sony Ericsson K750i earphone. It has got 5 wires inside. green, blue, white, black, and one bare wire. How do I turn it into 3.5mm jack earphone? I appreciate your advice.

Sabahan Ranau says:

It just USB powered speaker, not music into speaker.

Rebecca Schade says:

This does not turn them into USB speakers. They are USB POWERED speakers, but not USB speakers.

Emmet S says:

windows media player? what year is this?

TEKgames says:


PC tips and tricks says:

you know that literally every laptop has a headphone jack. lol.

Lost in Space says:

mine has 6 wire.. still figure out what (Ra) for..

Peace and Love says:

hand shake in the end 😀

Akshay Shs says:

3.7v battery to mini audio amplifire

Ladyanne Chos says:

hello sir. i have “creative sbs a335 2.1 multimedia speakers”. but only the speakers. i can’t use it directly on computer bcoz of its connector, which are only for the sub woofer. how can i convert it to usb connector so that i can make use of it. thank you very much for your help sir. God Bless!

Chilli943 says:

I hope you burn yourself

abhirup banerjee says:

What was the first wire cut off??

naresh laxman says:

For iball speaker for laptop how to repair the wire connection

DIY Perks says:

If you don’t fancy doing this project, here’s something you could just buy from Amazon instead that’s pretty much the same:

Ivan Cota says:

can I make that with a usb micro b cable? to use phone battery as power supply

My Investment Gyan - Hindi says:

can I connect a microphone with this same procedure?

Manos Freezer says:

i got the sony ericsson MP-70 bt i want to connect a 3.5 jack for phone use , any ideas plz? 🙂

Erikk Carte Blanche says:

is it possibile to do it only with usb cable?

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