Bose SoundLink Mini II: Top Bluetooth speaker adds features

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The $200 SoundLink Mini II has been updated with speakerphone capabilities, USB charging and better battery life.


Edgar Tigranyan says:

i rather get tuotech shark wireless 4.0 technologydual speakers for 120

[Insert Name Here] says:

Goes to show just how pathetic cnet has become as they can’t even tell you what version of Bluetooth it uses. Probably one of the most important things you’ll want to know if you actually pay attention.

Angel24 says:

It is truly the best excellent sound for its size compare with my old charge 2+ and bose sound and warm sounded much richer with good bass notes.

Pigs Can Fly says:

I had this for a while and it stopped working, came across an “escape” bluetooth speaker that looked exactly like the mini II and was $50 (Bose Mini II is $230) and it sounded almost the same. I’m mind blown that I found something significantly cheaper that sounds similar and works perfectly line.

ella idian says:

how does it turn offf

Wojciech Chwalny says:

Kupiłem BOSE Głośnik Sound-Link Mini Bluetooth II. Drogi, ale warto. Nawet jak ktoś się uczy jeszcze, to nazbierać kasę i kupić. Jak go usłyszałem, to z wrażenia kapcie mi spadły. Dźwięk wymiata wszystkie przenośne głośniki jakie kiedykolwiek słyszałem.

Grazyna Latusek says:

Is there opp to play one on left chanel stereo and another one on right chanel? Than I will buy it. More bass,louder ,clear – real stereo efect?

Ameer Gaming says:

Will there be a Bose Soundlink Mini III

zero chris says:

often doesn’t connect RUBBISH

Innocent Ramotsietsane says:

I really like Bose speakers still the best

Roselyn Bangoy says:

how to turn off a bose Bluetooth/power bank speaker?

Vincent Mckinney says:

I got a good deal at Amazon:

Simply put Bose SoundLink Mini II is possibly the best all around portable bluetooth speaker on the market. The speaker has plentiful of features such as ability to work as a speakerphone, charge through USB outlets or on its own cradle, remembering multiple bluetooth devices and pairing to two bluetooth devices at once. Many of the features do not really even matter to me–I’m happy that it pairs to my phone and plays my music with wonderful audio quality.

Pairing process was very simple, after selecting language in the beginning the speaker automatically put itself in pairing mode and thus I was able to get music playing in less than 30 seconds from the point of turning it on. There are + and – buttons on the speakers to adjust volume if needed by I personally control volume and music playback through my phone instead. Not that there’s something wrong with the buttons, it’s just a personal preference.

Audio Quality: This speaker is capable of outputting an excellent audio quality

Emmanuel Dorante says:

is it true that there is a tracker on it?

Frank Letizia says:

battery in my only lasted 2 yrs. cost 75 bucks 3 weeks get it back. no deal there. sounds good. add cost up

Alex Mekhuri says:

also comes in copper color

Derek Halls says:

JBL charge 3?

Karl BHX says:

Is this suitable for a prison cell measuring 6feet by 5feet?

Hooded Dreamer says:

It’s shit, the volume keeps changing on it by its self

Felipe Kawamura says:

I bought a Bose SoundLink mini 2 when this volume with low bass is good but when you increase the volume the bass seems to disappear. this is normal?

socksumi says:

I’m afraid you guys have shit in you ears. My girlfiend picked up one of these. No low bass, not even mid bass, just a bloated boomy upper bass, a colored peaky midrange and muddled indistinct highs. Sounds like absolute crap compared to a vintage pair of B&W DM4 speakers I bought for less than half the price of this thing.

Nyaz Mustafa says:


Big Boiii says:

I own a beats pill 2.0! XD

Salim Makata says:

How much?

William Hawkings says:

can i put this in the car?

mr pancakes says:

Is it loud

Jérôme Belgique says:

can you link it to a TV?

HERO says:

damn son brush your teeth

Hooded Dreamer says:

Hey anyone who has this, does it lower the volumes for you on more bass effected songs?

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