AmazonBasics A100 review & sound test

Hey everyone, this is my very quick review of the extremely affordable PC speakers from Amazons Basics range. The A100 are very fairly priced but in a market full of affordable speakers, can the A100 stand out?

Pricing and availability

Better alternative (Logitech Z120):

Sound test:

Thanks go out to Venemy, Emily Jane and NCS for allowing the use of this track.

Track used for sound test: Venemy Ft. Emily Jane – Heartbeat [NCS Release]

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Backing track:

Thanks go out to SirensCeol and NCS for allowing the use of this track.

SirensCeol – Nostalgia [NCS Release]

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VGoldHorizon _ says:

Do they work on ps4

salvador 3221 says:

should i get these or the z150 Logitech

RobinXE says:

can u use that with a ps4

Ghana Sankofa-Archives says:

Not a bad sound at all.

Synthematix says:

Weston these would be ideal for powered rear speakers in a 5.1 PC setup as they seem top heavy

Captain Obvious says:

My vagina is pink <3

MrHarvey 1206 says:

Nice Video man 

blaser says:

A really good alternative is the SoundScience QSB speakers they used to be really expensive, but are £15 now on amazon. They use some interesting tech, that allows them to produce a lot more sound than your typical usb powered speakers.

NothingButTech88 says:

Do you think that they will fill a medium sized room?

Nick Vetter says:

why do u say z like zed

Dugi Devet says:

How deep they go in HZ? can they do 80HZ?

Sulfen says:

I just ordered this. I’m still using my 8 year old speakers and the right one finally gave out. Speakers used to cost an arm and a leg back then so this is a nice deal and a big upgrade for me. I just use my speakers when I want to take a break from headphones.

Norman Hudecz says:

Sound is not bad.Mine comes tomorrow.Thanks for review.

Joseph Chen says:

dawg, thats a goofy mouse tbh

Avenged Sevenfold FoREVer says:

No bass??? finally a speaker that doesn’t exaggerate the bass

i REZZ says:

are the usb 2.0

cwli1 says:

Try the $12 CD-quality Trust Leto PC speakers (Polo in the USA). They’re loud enough for some people in a medium-sized room. Use a USB extension cable to cut interference.

Video Descriptions for English Lyrics Thx says:

Hi! I don’t know will you be interested to do some low end micro PC T-amps. For example, the Lepai TA2020A+, Dayton DTA-100, FX-Audio D802, Takas A50, Topping, Popu or SMSL etc. Some people are already doing those (Z-Review, Deskfi …) but the I like your reviews and sound tests much more. I just think those T-amps are emerging and getting more and more attentions…

Potato Dog says:

Damn, this is well made.

D says:

They sound fine to me, you can always download an equalizer that will give you bass

Matthew Chase says:

what if i dont have a 3.5mm aux port in my computer?

Unania77 says:

Nice review, will be getting them in a couple of days.

Joshhbeast says:

well this work on a Xbox?

Ak47 says:

does it have bass. i need it for gaming

Debbie Rush says:

AmazonBasics A100 PC speakers are the greatest entry-level USB-driven speakers available now. They’re inexpensive. They’re hardly organic.

weston peters-rin says:

sick name

Ali Koksal says:

It is worth saying that on a windows 10 laptop/pc you will need to restart your computer for the speakers to work for the first time.

Nothing says:

do they work on a phone

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