$15 Speakers – Are they worth buying? – Logitech S-150 Review

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Unedited Gamer says:

I love my Bose but speakers are subjective. You like what you like some people like reference speakers like the c3’s and some do not. I like a little bit of emphases on the mid range as I typically listen to a good bit of music that sits in that range.

cwli1 says:

Try the $12 CD-quality Trust Leto PC speakers (Polo in the USA). They’re loud enough for some people in a medium-sized room. Use a USB extension cable to cut interference.

budget gamer2017 says:

3.5inch mm jack lol… not making fun of you, we all do that plus I’m a subscriber and love your videos

JollyGoodFellow says:

I tried the Logitech Z506 5.1 system and I couldn’t get the two rear speakers to work. They plugged into the subwoofer or something and not into the motherboard because they used a different kind of plug instead of 3.5mm. Could I use, say a 2.1 system combined with two standard stereo speakers for the satellite speakers and one speaker from another stereo set for the center channel? Basically can I hodgepodge a surround setup out of a 2.1 setup combined with two other stereo sets?

Tech Deals says:

*NOTE* – Never let it be said that I don’t cover every price under the sun, from $4,000 Ultimate PC builds down to $15 PC Speakers!

Want something a bit better? The speakers in the background are Logitech Z313 for $40 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2nthfKR

SamuelCurtis says:

Lemme just say sir that you have, in my opinion, the greatest tech reviews on YouTube. You make concepts easier to grasp for everyone, and even helped me decide to choose the perfect GTX 1070! ( MSI gaming x, its wonderful ). Anyways, I would just like to thank you and provide some inspiration to continue doing what you are doing because it is so helpful! Thank you!


I have a full digital audio sound system so I hear you as clear as a bell the only think that cause a problem is bad SPDIF data.

Louis Bishopp-Ford says:

S120 £12.99 in UK (direct from Logitech). No S150. There’s a Z150 set but they’re £17.99.

JC Guevara says:

I must say that I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now. I truly love how you can show, explain and recommend the products that the other channels ( the ones with sponsors, that get anything with a phone call or an e-mail to any company). Thank you for your hard and dedicated work.

East Coast Drones says:

WOT and Warships on surround sound must be Awesome


Brillant vid! But could you also do a video on a budget microphone and gaming headset that Would be useful! Or if anyone could recomend any good stuff? cheers!!

Dylan Rinck says:

This must be an April fools joke. A speaker review that doesn’t play the speakers? Come on man. You’re better than that.

Tabuk LP says:

where is the benchmark of Ryzen 5 ??

Crazy Cat Guy says:

That epic music when unboxing though….!

Uchiha Madara says:

God every time I see bubble wrap i wanna pop it 🙂

Sai Krishan Kumar says:

Thanks for another awesome video as always, I am glad you went really budget on this one, $15. I use Logitech and I assure anyone watching this video that these speakers as really good for that price.

Andrew Quitugua says:

Thank-you for always doing honest, unbiased, professional, and informative reviews! You are a great PC reviewer! I picked up the Logitech z533 for only $49.99 US dollars (MSRP $99.99 or higher) from my local Best Buy and it’s a great $100 or less PC speaker sound system!

Frank Martin says:

Would have loved to actually hear them! Great video none the less. Thanks.

myncraft1 says:

Could you test out the speakers on video?

T Vitanov says:

Dat music for the unboxing tho, dat suspense, the epicness

Path Gamer says:

This guy always keeps his reviews in perfect context!

I have a high-end PC, but I have general PC needs as well. I have 2 laptops and a work laptop.

Samuel Chen says:

That intense music for an unboxing of a “basic set of speakers.” LOL Great video as always!

iLLidan.Power gaming says:

You should have test how the speakers sound like… it’s not an unboxing video…

Lefteris Fred says:

wow speakers review. first time I’ve seen that on that kind of channel. LOVE it!

Daniel Burgos says:

Most intense music to unbox $15 speakers

Andrei Andreev says:

Of course it’s somewhat of a joke – BUT if anyone wants very good sound in a small space – get used Logitech V20. Thank me later.

Nirwana Saktiawan says:

I was using EDIFIER M3200BT 2.1 and the volume control is broken I can’t turn it on, while I fix the speaker to a local mechanic audio I bought a 9$ speaker and damn its good deal since for gaming I had cloud II.

this channel always talks about something ppl relly need to know than other channel that mention something ppl never need.
Even I already a gamer PC 10 years and still, I learn so much from this chanel, Thx Tehc Deal !!

could u pls make video different $10 $50 $100 speaker and then headset !?

Zero-G-Worx says:

I got these at my college campus store and used them for a while, but now I feel bad since I rarely ever use them except for when I’m eating and don’t wear my open-back headphones (Philips SHP9000s). They sounded fine when I used them, though sometimes I’d get buzzing out of my right speaker.

TekReviews says:

Actually you can demo speakers if you get a good set of Binaural Microphones. Clavinet Junkie uses them and all his channel does is review speakers with actual sound.

DamonM Roger says:

Great video as always man, keep it up.

Baka Ch says:

I’m scared about the april fools thing… is this legit? a good product?

Hasith Siriwardena says:

great video as always mate. hey tech, im kinda still waiting on the gaming performance of this PC. $500 Gaming PC – Pentium G4560 – Part 5 – Windows Performance. are you gonna upload it anytime soon? cant wait to see what kind of performance you got from that build. and thanks for your amazing videos.

Dazdigo says:

If you want to try out 5.1, I would recommend the Logitech Z506. They are usually on sale for around $70.

If you get some static through them, you might not have a clean source so I would suggest connecting them to a power conditioner or UPS (since the UPS will have a power conditioner built into it).

Rubén F. Moreira says:

Computers speakers and gaming headsets are just awful, don’t spend more money on that please.
A good entry level set of speakers are the Micca MB42X or PB42X if you want a pair of powered monitors. Fluance has the SX6 and JBL used to make the Loft40 but they are discontinued now. The Mackie CR4 work great in a desk too and they are not a big black box, if you care about aesthetics.

I get it, those speakers are for people who don’t care about sound quality but come on…

IntarwebUser says:

Ha. I finally got tired of my ten year old $10 Logitechs and upgraded to a $50 system not too long ago.

I had listened to some really bad speakers before, so my question before buying them was “Do they sound tinny?” While at the time I wanted cheap speakers, if they sounded too bad it wouldn’t have mattered how cheap they were, I would have spent more to get something better. Turns out the Logitechs were quite adequate!

My dad was a real speaker system aficionado, though, so growing up I learned what really good speakers sounded like (he spent $800 on a system once). I remember really rocking out to some of the music back then. But then, years later, with my own cheap system, playing the exact same music, I just couldn’t get into it. It’s like all the life had drained out of the songs.

So, yeah, if you’re just looking to not mind what you’re listening to, as long as they haven’t gotten any worse over the past ten years I’d agree the $15 Logitechs are good enough. But if you want to love what you’re listening to, you’re going to have to spend more. The $50 speakers I got (I forget the brand) are good enough for now, but I’ll eventually get a much fancier system.

So I guess my question is, what’s the worst speakers you’ve ever listened to and what did they sound like?

CamoKing says:

clicked like before the video even started

Yuck Foutube says:

You could always chop the wire and add a length if you want more room between speakers 🙂

halozone3 says:

I remember when I subscribed at ~7,000 subscribers. Your channel exploded haha

Darkly Dreaming says:

Simple, Flawless & informative as always, you have an awesome personality sir.. love your channel

Josue Hernandez says:

love u man <3 and your reviews :3

Ian Davis says:

I appreciate your honesty, and the way in which you explain things in your videos…it’s a breath of fresh air actually!I must admit that I haven’t really tried any modern computer speakers, as I have a vintage Harman Kardon Champagne 2.1 speaker kit connected to my main computer (and they sound absolutely stunning, even at around 12+ years old ). I do, however, have a Sony SRS XB3 Bluetooth capable portable speaker being sourced by my tablet (wireless and wired), and it sounds great with it.With the above having been said, I still liked watching this, and other videos of yours like it, so I ask that you please keep up the good work and keeping making more videos!

darkheart333 hotmail says:

What is a good deal on headphones? Looking for one for my nephews computer.

asikikbal yusuf says:

great thanks……

NastyNlnja says:

Love your channel man, I don’t even want speakers but your videos are so informative and I like watching them. I learn something all the time. Keep it up man!

Manish Visaka says:

i like these speakers too. it came with my dell inspiron 18. these are great speakers

FSXTout says:

i have the exact pair… still have the plastic on it tho

Samuel Faulkner says:

I actually use my Anker bluetooth speaker with my pc and it’s great.

Andy Eats Cocoa says:

Is the ALC892 found on the Z270 Pro4 Motherboard from AsRock any good?

Jaraxxus The swedish Eredar lord says:

Is youtube your fulltime job?

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