$10 Logitech USB Stereo Speakers – S150 – Review

This is a great set of stereo speakers for $10!
USB, digital, easy to use, and did I mention they were $10! 🙂

I own several of these, I love them for extra computers that need sound, but don’t need fancy surround sound or expensive speakers.

Logitech S150 USB Digital Stereo Speakers
Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/28Ua60I

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Stylez says:

what are great speakers for gaming, music and movies?

Jer O says:

hmm, I wonder if they will remove the sound card/chip from the motherboard in five years If usb speakers are this cheap and good . Thanks for info!

Danto says:

Nice quick deal! (kind of tip/info you would in your website?). Certainly this not replace your more lengthy reviews, but its worth to share. Thank you!

Avarace says:

If you are already doing a review, please make sure, that next time you actually turn it on. Thank you.

Ali Haidaree says:

Would they work if i connected them to an Xbox one via the USB port. Would i get sound if my monitor doesn’t have internal speakers?


just a heads up , they have moved these to prime only – great videos – I just subbed and have a lot to go through 🙂

arjun thakur says:

Sir please tell me how it plugin USB

TheCross4All says:

Thank you this is what i was looking for!

coca coola says:

Checking to see if their any good, I then see you can get them for 10$… Makes me a bit pissed that they are charging 50$ over here.

Trebor Heminway says:

Deals are good – keep em coming.

crysisownz says:

Some sonicgears are good though..as low as $5

Manuel Gutierrez says:

these videos are awesome, I love them all, keep it up


I’ve orded them on Amazon 🙂

Stefanos Aslanis says:

2nd review of the box found on youtube!!

Meheezy Plays -Agar.io says:

does monitor have built in speakers

Inferno :D says:

yeah yeah its incredible shake the house with that 200 watts. and the subwoofer woooow its crazy. on bass test shake my house

Saptarshirajan Sarkar says:

I bought these speakers for my PS4 and the LG 32MA68HY monitor. Thanks for the deals. Keep them coming.

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